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How to deal with dry burning?

Dry burning is a common nightmare for both newcomers and veteran e-cigarette enthusiasts. It tastes terrible. Unconsciously, an inhalation goes down, the burnt vapor rushes to the throat, chokes you up, even tears will flow out. It can be called a painful experience. Moreover, even if you have more experience, it seems that you can’t solve the problem of dry burning.

Can we only resign ourselves to the adversity of dry burning? No!

First of all, what is dry burning?

As the name implies, dry burning is to continue to use the atomizing core in the absence of e-liquid (or e-liquid exhausted), resulting in continuous heating of the heater and causing burning. Simply put, there is no e-liquid in the atomizer or e-liquid tank, and the e-cig is still working, which results in the burning of the atomization core.

So, how to avoid dry burning?

E-cigarette enthusiasts have more or less encountered headache of dry burning. In fact, in most cases, dry burning is caused by the user’s wrong way of using and technical loopholes, but these situations can be avoided.

1. Coil installation trick

For electronic cigarette device which can replace heating wire, loading heating wire is a key step. Think about if you take a few puffs, the oil has not been brought up, the heating wire will burn the cotton core, that paste is really unforgettable. Well, the heating wire was burnt out. To avoid scorching, we can drop two or three drops of e-liquid on the exposed part of the new heating wire when it is loaded. But remember, too much e-liquid can drown the heating coil, which is troublesome.

Coil installation trick

Then fill the tank with e-liquid and stand upright for 10 minutes. Many e-cigarette instructions write four to five minutes, but that’s the shortest time. To be on the safe side, we suggested that you stay for another five minutes.

2. Warm-up the atomizer

For those who use more advanced box mod with power control function, the following two points should be paid attention to in order to avoid dry burning.

The working power of different atomizers is also different. Usually, the power threshold is marked on the atomizer. When you just unpacked a brand new adjustable power electronic cigarette, remember to treat it better first. First, let’s warm it up. This warm-up allows you to synchronize with the electronic cigarette into the best state. The first step of running-in atomizer is to minimize the power. Then, every few minutes, step by step adjust the power until the atomizer is perfectly prepared to achieve the perfect atomization effect.

2. Warm-up the atomizer

Another way is to take a few sucks toward the mouthpiece before the atomizer actually heats up. This will help the core absorb the e-liquid quickly and avoid dry burning.

3. Try another cart

There are many prestigious large electronic cigarette companies at home and abroad, but sometimes the atomization cores produced by them are really unsatisfactory. The oil-conducting holes of electronic cigarette with finished product atomization core are usually perfectly designed, but there are exceptions, which leads to the problem of oil-conducting before electronic cigarette enthusiasts can enjoy a few puffs.

If you feel that the electronic cigarette will be dry burning, the simplest way to avoid it is to change a cart/pod. Most carts have their own design features, such as atomization core, oil guide channel, etc. There is always one that suits you.

4. Reducing VG concentration of e-liquid

The content of VG (vegetable glycerin) determines the amount of vapor in the e-liquid. The higher the content, the greater the smoke. Therefore, VG has always been a good idea for box mod/RDA/RBA enthusiasts.

4. Reducing VG Concentration of E-liquid

However, high VG can also bring bad experience to smoking, because VG increases the consistency of e-liquid and slows down the speed of oil conduction. When the VG content reaches a certain level, the atomizer will strike directly. In this way, there are many reasons for dry burning. However, using e-liquid with low VG concentration is a solution.

5. Add oil frequently

We observed that everyone was too lazy to inject oil before smoking all the e-liquid. In fact, as the e-liquid is slowly consumed, the atomization core gradually emerges and semi-infiltrates into the e-liquid. At this point, it will no longer absorb the e-liquid in the tank, but burn until the part of the oil surface is pasted. At that time, in addition to the burnt taste, you will also get a half burnt heating core.

5. Add oil frequently

Therefore, e suggested that the majority of e-cigarette enthusiasts, when the e-liquid is only 10% – 20%, it should be refilled. Remember, the sooner the better!

6. Vaping also requires skills

Sometimes, dry burning is the result of individual suction habits. If you always like to take a suck and taste it lightly, we suggest slowing down and inhaling each mouthful of smoke deeply instead. Generally speaking, the smaller the orifice, the slower the oil conduction speed. You can try to stop for 30 seconds between each suction to eleminate the dry burning phenomenon.

6. Smoking also requires techniques

Remember, stop for a moment before taking another suck.


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