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E-cigarette agents’ anti-scam guide

While e-cigarettes have become an investment boom, attracting capital to enter the game, many people are also optimistic about the development prospects of e-cigarettes and have entered the game. This article will write about the e-cigarette agent. When entering the game as an e-cigarette agent, what should you pay attention to prevent yourself from being scammed?

1. What qualities should an e-cigarette agent possess?

After China online e-commerce channels were banned, e-cigarettes have now moved offline. Currently, most e-cigarette brands on the market use the form of agency. From country to county, the purchase price of each layer is from high to low. It is solid. Generally, when you go to the county-level agent, the purchase price you get is too high, and the profit you get from selling is small. If you have few sales channels on your own, you basically have no profit.

However, e-cigarettes do have a broad market prospect. If you want to become an e-cigarette agent, there are no special requirements. You need understand e-cigarettes, have sales channels and sales capabilities, then you can basically make money.


2. Do I have to stock up when I become an e-cigarette agent?

The biggest headache of being an e-cigarette agent is stockpiling. The brand side binds agents with stockpiling. According to the level of agency you get, and then they give you corresponding support. After becoming an agent, sell at the price set by the brand.

It seems to be harmonious, lying down to make money at ease. But in fact, few brands can achieve uniform prices. When the electronic cigarette brand occupied the market in the early stage, as long as it can be shipped and distributed, it is king. There are few brands that can protect the exclusiveness of agents. When you were quasi-obeying the price agreement, a Wechat merchant start selling electronic cigarettes of the same brand at bottom prices. When some ecommerce sites are there, the price could be lower than the price given by the manufacturer. Being an agent is sometimes too frustrated!

Therefore, be wary of e-cigarette brands that need to stock up in large quantities. It will not last long. It just transfer pressure to the agents. A truly good brand knows how to formulate a strategy that suits the requirements of the agent at this stage, and gives the agent enough profit and development space. It’s not just letting the agent buy the goods, or letting the agent stock up and just leave it alone. It should also help agents sell goods and train them so that they can truly grow and become more professional.


3. How to ensure your own sales channels?

When entering the e-cigarette field, first ask yourself, are you ready to sell? Is there any potential for sales? Can the previous resources be used for e-cigarettes? Are there many people smoking around? Are there many people using e-cigarettes?

The necessary e-cigarette knowledge needs to be mastered, especially when you have identified a certain brand. It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of e-cigarette products in order to better promote the products. Only by shaping yourself as an e-cigarette expert can more people trust you, if you plan to engage in e-cigarettes for a long time.

Develop sales terms. It is good for the brand to have training. If there is no training, it is recommended to draw up sales terms by yourself. Make a good classification, such as those who have never used e-cigarettes, those who have used e-cigarettes, and the comparison with cigarettes. The purpose is to accurately convert users. After all, the customer source is too precious now, and it is safe to increase the conversion rate.

How to sell e-cigarettes, it involves too many aspects. We’ll write about hard-core e-cigarette sales methods, so I won’t go into details here.


4. There are many e-cigarette brands, which one to choose?

There are many e-cigarette brands, but not many well-known brands. In fact, e-cigarette brands have not formed a giant form, and each brand has potential.

Choose a brand and look at it three times: first look at products, second look at brand, and third look at company strength.

Electronic cigarette technology is not complicated, but there are too few brands that can make products. After some online sales platform is banned, it is not conducive for everyone to check reviews. Even if the reviews are a lot of things, there is still a lot of information worth referring to. Product strength is very important. It can be judged from packaging and quality whether the brand is really making products with heart. Without a product-centric brand, development will not last long.

Brand strength includes too many judgment conditions. E-cigarette brands are currently in the exploratory stage, and most of the famous brands have their own traffic, the products are not doing well, and the agent maintenance system is also poor. Every brand has advantages and disadvantages, so we’ll write more article that specifically introduces the current e-cigarette brands on market.

There are not many brands that can get financing for e-cigarettes. After checking the Internet, you can see which brands have financial strength. Sufficient financial strength can ensure that the selected brand can survive for a long time. In the case of a bad economic environment, the brand that can survive for a longer time in the future.

As to other questions on e-cigarette brand agents, products, etc., please leave a comment below to exchange with others and consult.


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