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Why smoking e-cigarette rather than paper cigarette?

First of all, why do people smoke?

The most important point is that smoking can relieve worries, and the nicotine in cigarettes can soothe people’s emotions.

But electronic cigarettes and paper cigarettes also contain nicotine, both of which are harmful to the human body, so people who do not smoke must not try to smoke for a whim!

I am a smoker, and put aside the components of e-cigarettes and the hazards of cigarette components to humans, after trying I chose e-cigarettes.

Let me talk about the difference between the two in daily life.

1. Throat: I used to get up early when I smoked paper cigarettes. The smell in my mouth was unbearable. Brushing my teeth, nausea, and retching are daily routines. I often expectorate, and my sputum is yellow and black. I switched to electronic cigarettes the next day. Obviously less phlegm.

2. Tartar: When I smoked paper cigarettes, the tartar could not go down. Not only did it smell, but it was really disgusting when the teeth became black and yellow. It would reappear after a long time after washing the teeth. After switching to e-cigarettes, I washed my teeth once, as long as I cleaned my teeth daily, it was significantly improved.

3. Taste: This person who doesn’t smoke understands it very well. There will be a very uncomfortable smell when you are close to a person who smokes frequently. Even the clothes worn by the smoker have this smell, and they will vomit. The breath that comes out is disgusting, smokers generally can’t smell it, so my girlfriend has a big opinion of me, but I think it’s not that serious. After I switched to e-cigarettes, because e-cigarettes have fewer ingredients than cigarettes, this smell Disappeared, and later I came into contact with the smell of cigarettes to realize the difficulty of my girlfriend.

4. Mental state: I would like to smoke when I work under pressure. I used to smoke one or two packs of paper cigarettes a day. After a long time, I have trouble concentrating and have some problems with my throat, cardiopulmonary function and stomach. My friend also said that my complexion is relatively pale, and I feel like I have been in a trance all night. After changing the e-cigarette, one is about one and a half packs of cigarettes. Even if I smoke one a day, as long as I drink more water to metabolize, my body is not It was obviously abnormal, and his complexion was much better than before.

Presumably most of the friends who have changed from cigarettes to e-cigarettes know the above four points. For me, some small changes in life are more important than cigarettes or e-cigarettes, whether they are cigarettes or e-cigarettes. People cause harm. For those who don’t smoke, don’t try for a whim. For a person who pursues nicotine, we can’t avoid the harm of cigarettes to us, but we can choose the healthiest way.

In order to socialize, I also have a pack of cigarettes in my bag. After getting a cigarette, I will take out the electronic cigarette and say that I don’t smoke paper cigarettes now, and I will recommend it to my friends. Smoking does more harm than good, non-smokers, please don’t try it easily~

How does everyone think about it, which is more harmful comparing electronic cigarettes or cigarettes?



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