ECAS certification of electronic cigarette in UAE

The ban on e-cigarettes and accessories was lifted in mid April, according to the United Arab Emirates standardization and Metrology Administration (Esma), the e-cigarettes house reported on October 21. This means that the sale of e-cigarettes will be legalized in the United Arab Emirates, which will become the first country in the Middle East to legalize new types of tobacco product. This also indicates that the emerging market gate of e-cigarettes has been opened.

With the lifting of the ban on electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can not only be sold directly in the United Arab Emirates, but also be transported to other countries in the free port of the United Arab Emirates. However, in the United Arab Emirates, e-cigarettes are subject to tax. According to a statement issued by the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Arab Emirates, from January 2020, any beverage added with sugar or sweetener will be taxed by 50%; any e-cigarette equipment, whether or not containing nicotine or tobacco, including liquid used in e-cigarette equipment, will be taxed by 100%.

Lifting the ban does not mean relaxation. In addition to the tax, it also needs to meet a series of requirements for the import, manufacturing, sales and packaging of e-cigarettes. E-cigarette manufacturers, retailers and distributors must strictly follow these new standards.

As the only national standard institution and issuing institution in the UAE, the UAE Standards Bureau. In order to effectively implement the UAE national standards, ESMA’s compliance assessment department implements the product safety certification system, referred to as the UAE compliance assessment scheme (ECAS).

According to ECAS plan, all controlled products must apply for and obtain COC compliance certificate as customs clearance and sales pass. ECAS certification not only includes safety, but also covers the safety test, performance test, function inspection, hazardous substances detection and other aspects that may be covered (but not including wireless test, which is controlled by tra certification).

I. ECAS registration mainly includes the following aspects

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette devices (mainly in terms of safety regulations);

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette label;

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette RoHS;

Submission of other relevant data (test report, etc.).

II. Registration process of ECAS

Register account number (on Esma website);

Submit the application for compliance certificate;

Upload the required documents;

Payment of fees;

Waiting for document review;

If the product meets the requirements, the system will inform the customer and obtain the certificate of conformity.

ECAS certification of electronic cigarette in UAE

III. information to be prepared before ECAS registration

There are mainly the following:

Valid UAE business license;

Relevant certification materials that the electronic cigarette factory meets the requirements of ISO9001 quality system;

ECAS registration certificate of electronic cigarette device;

ECAS registration certificate of electronic cigarette label;

ECAS registration certificate of RoHS;

Test report of product packaging in accordance with GSO, ISO and 8317 standards;

List of components and release test report of e-liquid, nicotine output dose;

Electronic file compliance statement.

IV. The main test items involved are as follows

Rohs10 tests;

GSO, IEC, 60335-1;

GSO, IEC, 62133;

Electronic cigarette packaging test GSO, ISO, 8317;

Vapor emission test (refer to EU TPD);

Analysis report on the composition of e-liquid.


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