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Elf bar found to contain illegal amounts of nicotine in UK, removed from shelves

UK’s best-selling vape product, Elf Bar 600, has been removed from shelves after tests found that it contained illegal amounts of nicotine.

Independent lab tests commissioned by the Mail found that the product was at least 50% over the legal limit for nicotine e-liquid. Elf Bar admitted to “inadvertently” breaking the law and “wholeheartedly” apologized for the situation.

The product is used illegally by tens of thousands of young people and is sold by major supermarkets. After the results of the investigation were shared, Tesco and Morrisons removed some Elf Bar 600s from their stores and launched probes into the product. Elf Bar sells 2.5 million units of the 600 line in the UK every week, accounting for two-thirds of all disposable vapes.



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