Discover the 4 key factors in ergonomics application in vape design

Ergonomics refers to the study of the interaction between human beings, machines, the environment and their rational combination, so that the designed machine and environment system can be adapted to the physiological and psychological characteristics of human beings, so as to achieve the goal of improving efficiency, safety, health and comfort in production.

Ergonomic design is a humanized design, which is based on emotional design. Emotional design of products is the bridge of emotional transmission between products and users. This kind of transmission can not only improve the user’s good feeling for products, but also make products more popular, and produce emotional resonance with products, which is conducive to the spread of product reputation.

As early as the Stone Age, humans used polishing to control the shape and size of stone tools so that they could be controlled by human hands, and the edges and surfaces were smooth to avoid stabbing the hands. This was the earliest human-machine design. Today’s electronic cigarette design, proceeding from the needs of users, endows the product with self-confidence, elegance and scientific and technological cultural attributes through elaborate and chic styling design. Diameter size, length and size conform to ergonomics, and pursue the harmony and unity of internal and external of the products.

stone age tools
Stone Age tools

As for the product design of electronic cigarette, how to evaluate whether it conforms to the specifications in ergonomics?

Taking the product design characteristics of ALD electronic cigarette as an example, the ergonomics data contained in it are analyzed from the 4 factors including vision, hand feel, tactile sensation and vaping experience.

Factor 1: Vision

Vape Color and Indicator Lamp


In product design, it is particularly important to use color to improve man-machine relationship. The unity of shape, structure, function and color is an important condition for the success of product design.

Undoubtedly, good color matching is half the success product design. Aesthetic color matching will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic feeling of product design, meeting the needs of users for beauty.

In fact, there is a color is not so easy to handlel with, that is, gradient color, but ALD can perfectly handle with the aesthetic design of gradient color.

The gradual effect of ALD’s products has obvious orderly law. It has visual orientation and rhythm, produces color climax and highlights the key points of product appearance. Soft and dizzy colors, from light to dark, from deep to shallow, are full of mysterious atmosphere of changeability.

ald product color

Indicator Lamp

ALD electronic cigarette mainly uses white indicator light, white, also known as panchromatic light, which is called “neutral light” in design psychology. It has a wide audience and is a non-stimulating light color.

Indicator Lamp

Indicator Lamp

Some brands of electronic cigarette indicators use red color, which has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum and is easy to arouse attention, excitement and tension, but the eyes do not adapt to the stimulation of red light, which is easy to cause visual fatigue; in contrast, white is relatively mild, not easy to cause visual fatigue.

Factor 2: Handfeel

Shape and size of electronic cigarette device

In ergonomics, the average person’s hand is usually set to 16.5 cm long and 9.6 cm wide. The suitable diameter for grasping objects is between 7.5 and 14 cm.

handfeel ergonomics

The tacit cooperation between people and objects does not depend on adaptation to become habitual. In order to get comfortable experience, any product should follow ergonomics, just as doors, windows, tables and chairs should adapt to the lifestyle of normal people, and the size of mobile phones should also interact with the palm benignly.

Electronic cigarette can be defined as a hand-held tool in ergonomics. Handfeel is mainly embodied by shape, weight, size, direction, material and technology of surface.


handfeel ergonomics

As shown in the picture, ALD VLIGHT, this electronic cigarette is about 23 mm in diameter and 97 mm in length. When the wrist is operated smoothly, the wrist joints are in a relaxed state. From the size point of view, the wrist joints are just grasped in the hand; the aluminium alloy oxide sandblasting process has a good grinding quality, stability and elegance, and the handfeel is very smooth.

Factor 3: Tactile sensation

Electronic cigarette buttons

At present, the market can be divided into circular, square, elliptical and special-shaped keys according to their surface shape.

According to the size of the fingertips, we usually operate with the thumb, the minimum diameter is 19 mm, the button is 5-12 mm higher than the disk surface, and the rise and fall of the button forms 3-6 mm. This size is just right.

As shown in the picture, ALD VFIRE, this square key electronic cigarette, saves space and is easy to operate; according to the design of fingertips, the operation is comfortable and the touch of fingers is clear.


Facotor 4: Vaping experience

Size the vape nozzle

In ergonomics, the most comfortable length of something in the mouth of ordinary people is 12-15mm, which is neither too long nor too short; the thinnest is not less than 4mm, the thickest is not more than 6.5mm, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

Flat nozzle

ALD NOVA, flat nozzle is about 15 mm long, just right in the mouth, creates a comfortable feeling; the thickness of the cigarette nozzle is about 5 mm, and has been rounded to avoid air leakage.



Round nozzle

ALD MANGO-II nozzle is about 15 mm long and belongs to comfortable data range.


Special shape nozzle

ALD LEMON special-shaped nozzle is about 5mm thick after around a rounded treatment. It not only does not leak, but also vapes very comfortable.


Final thoughts

As an vape enterprise with 10 years of deep development in the industry, ALD always concentrates on carefully crafting every product and paying attention to every detail, which makes the final product perfect and better use experience.

The application and research of ergonomics in products once again proves that ALD is able to make every product well with its heart. It not only pays attention to the function of electronic cigarette products, but also pays attention to the visual, hand feel, tactile sensation and vaping experience of users when using products, so as to design electronic cigarette products with excellent comfort.

Ergonomics is the most common method of product design. Do you understand it now?


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