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Essential Facts About Flavour Concentrates For E-Liquid Developing

Concentrates are essentially the flavours that are used in the creation of e-liquid flavours. Concentrates can be either natural or synthetic and are formulated by flavourists who attempt to reconstruct specific flavour profiles. The chemicals used to create these flavours are assigned CAS numbers (an universal code) which enable manufacturers to understand exactly what is used to flavour their liquids.


Concentrates can either be simple or complex depending on the desired output. Typically most concentrates are simple flavours such as blackcurrant, biscuit, or honey, however some concentrates can be very intricate or complex such as Lemon Meringue Pie. Flavour concentrates vary greatly in terms of their strength and potency, as such e-liquid flavours typically contain from 0.1-35% flavoring.


All of these ingredients are blended to create various different e-cig flavours that we can use to fuel our electronic cigarettes and help replace unhealthy addictions to traditional toxic cigarettes packed full of thousands of health hazardous chemicals.


The basics of PG and VG are quite easy to grasp. They both work in different ways, and each has advantages and disadvantages. If in doubt we always advise you to start with a 50-50 VG (Vegetable Glycerin) vs. PG (Propylene Glycol) ratio before testing out various combinations and see which you prefer. Make sure your vaping setup can deal with the different ratios.


Many vapers like to use different levels of PG and VG at different times, and with various devices and flavors. Tobaccos, fruits, and beverage flavors often go well with PG, as the sharpness of the PG blends well with the tart or fizz of the flavoring. Similarly, flavors based on cream, custard, and yogurt tend to work well with high VG as the thick mouth sensation adds to the dessert-like feel. There are no fixed rules, just follow what your taste buds tell you!

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