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2 Excel sheets of China vape export data worth 5000 USD

VAPE HK got 2 sheets of the whole vape industry detailed export data, it’s sold for 5000 USD and we bought part of this.

The seller said they are collaborating with the government custom officers and this information is exclusive.

After purchasing these sheets, you can find out the best vape companies in 1 minute.

And you’ll know who is the big guy you should collaborate with in a short time.

“Also, you’ll know the vape industry’s trend and situation clearly by researching the sheet. You can pick out the rising stars in a blink then profit from them.” Said the data seller.

Sample information:

Top 11  world vape industry shipping destination

1 U.S.A  235698334 USD

2 Hong Kong, China  235652497 USD

3 China  189302011 USD 

4 Japan  89384161 USD

5 Netherlands  38044909 USD

6 The Republic of Korea  33365500 USD

7 Britain  29861883 USD

8 Germany  25977462 USD

9 Singapore  20932576 USD

10 Russian federation  18474173 USD

11 France  14872248 USD

12 Taiwan, China  14821714 USD

TOP export companies

1. JUUL – Manufacturer:Feixu Electronics, Pegatron Technologies

However, it’s a pity this sheet is not in English, it’s Chinese, we’re too busy to translate it. Ask someone else to translate it for you or ask us to buy you an English version from the seller.

Click to see the 2 sheets below:

Vape industry analysis

E-cig export data


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