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Explore the secrets of the taste and lifespan of atomizing cores

The working principle of an atomizer core is that it is wrapped around with oil-absorbing cotton, which is soaked in e-liquid, and the heating wire is electrically heated to produce vapor.

So, how can we make the atomizer core work better, have a longer lifespan, and provide customers with a more satisfying experience? This has always been the goal of the R&D department of HCD Huachengda, who has worked tirelessly day and night to achieve it.

In the production of an atomizer core, taste is always the first consideration, followed by lifespan. Lifespan is based on the premise of good taste. If the taste is not satisfactory, the producer will not evaluate the lifespan of this core.

The taste of the atomizer core cannot be measured by machines, only by manual tasting. The secret of good taste comes from:

The heating element
The oil-absorbing cotton
The structure of the atomizer core

When adjusting the e-liquid, the R&D engineer needs to find a “balance point” between the above three points and the e-liquid.

The selection of the heating element: different materials have different effects. The COTTONX future cotton core used by Huachengda uses a custom N406 alloy heating element, which has the characteristics of fast heat conduction and low carbon deposition.

The design of the heating element: including thickness, material, length, width, and circuit design. The requirements are very precise. Even a change of 0.01mm in length, width, or thickness can cause a significant change in taste. The thickness and width affect heat conduction (if the mesh is too wide, it will cause heat dispersion), and heat affects the evaporation rate, which in turn affects taste.

Oil-absorbing cotton: The material, density, and winding method of the cotton are very important factors. If the density of the cotton is high, its oil locking ability is strong, but the oil conductivity is slow, and there is a risk of burning. On the contrary, if the density is low, the oil conductivity is fast, but it is prone to oil leakage. After the heating wire is powered on, it reaches six to seven hundred degrees, and if neutralized with e-liquid, the working temperature is only about 200 degrees. Therefore, the speed of oil intake will affect the lifespan and taste. Good cotton should have a fast oil conductivity, strong oil locking ability, and high-temperature resistance, so that it is not easily burnt.

The structure of the atomizer core: The structure determines the speed of oil intake. The COTTONX future cotton core adopts a structure with oil intake on all four sides.

The “balance point” does not have a fixed answer. It can be said that this is a field where empirical knowledge prevails. Experienced engineers can adjust the atomizer core spontaneously based on the situation on site when vaping: Is the cotton pad too thick and the oil intake slow, affecting the aroma? Or, how to adjust the heating wire temperature and the wire diameter and resistance of the mesh if the heating temperature is not enough?

Sometimes, if the cotton pads are not reasonably matched, the heating temperature of the mesh needs to be changed to enhance the aroma. Other times, if the oil intake effect of the cotton pads is not good, the density of the mesh needs to be adjusted. The key is to find the “balance point” between the oil intake speed and the atomization speed.

Adjusting the e-liquid is like trying on clothes. It needs to be tailored to fit. Different e-liquids have different densities or formulas


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