Famous PLUM VENTURES Who Worried About the Future of Vape Invests in Electronic Cigarette Enterprises Now

Before the Lunar New Year, can you remember the question of “lighting up” electronic cigarettes in the venture capital circle? The reason is that Wu Shichun, founding partner of PLUM VENTURES capital, a well-known angel investment institution in China, wrote in circles of friends. From the content of the article, it can be seen that there were concerns about the electronic cigarette industry at that time. Seeing Zhu Xiaohu leave a message in the circle of friends, Wu Shichun replies that he has seen many of them, but has not invested any.


It is understood that PLUM VENTURES capital has invested in electronic cigarette enterprises now!

On February 27, Yishuang, an innovative brand focusing on the research and development of atomization technology, announced the completion of the angel round of RMB 10 million financing. The investors, namely PLUM VENTURES and royal Juwei Factory, the world’s tobacco giant, were clustered into a group.


“Yishuang” electronic smoke was founded in early 2018, focusing on the research and development of atomization technology and the construction of a large healthy ecosphere of atomization based on the derivation of atomization technology. At present, two types of electronic cigarettes, namely, exchangeable vape cartridges atomized smoke and disposable sharing cigarette, have been introduced. This round of financing is mainly used for research and development of Yishuang products, upgrading of atomization technology and channel construction. It is planned to build a large healthy ecosphere of atomization.


According to Justin, co-founder of Yishuang, there are three essential differences between Yishuang and other brands entering the domestic electronic cigarette industry.

1. The positioning of Yishuang is to build a large healthy ecology, and electronic cigarette is only the entry point of the ecology.

2. Yishuang is committed to creating green and safe electronic cigarettes. In the process of helping smokers reduce the harm of tobacco, it gradually uses the latest nicotine salt technology transition, and advocates “0 nicotine” green and healthy smoke oil.

3. Yishuang electronic cigarette adopts COP oil core separation technology and honeycomb ceramic atomization technology, which is soft and easy to smoke and closer to the taste of real cigarette.

After this round of financing, “YISTAR Yishuang” will be upgraded to EUSN. Yishuang will also continue to upgrade its product experience, open up new online and offline retail channels, conduct accurate market analysis and fine operation, launch more atomized products, and accelerate the creation of a large healthy ecosphere of atomization.


It is understood that the founding team of Yishuang Electronic Tobacco is from the international tobacco, Huawei, Tencent and traditional electronic tobacco industry. It has strong R&D technology, good at channel operation and marketing promotion, and has rich experience in Internet entrepreneurship management. Relying on the team’s experience in the electronic tobacco industry and marketing at home and abroad, Yishuang has cooperated with local tobacco distributors worldwide.

In order to make smokers feel more comfortable, EUSN is developing a green edible healthy vape oil with 0 tar and 0 nicotine, which can be eaten directly like cod liver oil, in order to develop a healthy alternative tobacco product to relieve smokers’addiction. The new product is expected to be launched in late March this year.



Founded in May 2014, Plum Ventures Capital is one of the most active and knowledgeable Internet investment institutions in China.

At present, it manages about 1.2 billion RMB Angel Fund and 500 million RMB Growth Fund. Plum Ventures Focus on the amount of investment in TMT, and it’s between 200 and 30 million RMB.

At present, there are more than 300 investment projects covering all vertical areas.

Emerging include Interesting Stores (NYSE: QD), big shoppers,

A large number of well-known cases such as Singing Bars app.


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