FEELM AIR starter kit review – World’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution

FEELM AIR starter kit has just been released yesterday,  and we’re lucky enough to be the first one to get it in the world. The new FEELM AIR closed pod system features its new generation ultra-slim bionic film ceramic coil and 7.8mm ultra-thin body, then does it work with such a small size for vaping? Let’s go and find it out.

Unboxing FEELM AIR starter kit

Take off the cover of the box and it shows everything for the pod system.  2 cartridges with flavors of Polar Mint and Just Mango. 2 vaping devices in black and gradient blue.

FEELM AIR starter kit review

FEELM AIR starter kit specifications

Atomizing core film thickness: 2um
Ceramic coil thickness: 3.5mm
Power: 6W
Pod capacity: 1ml
Weight: 2g
Charging port: Type C 10 minutes fast charging

FEELM AIR starter kit review
The FEELM AIR in hand. See the size

Experience with FEELM AIR starter kit

Lightweight and mini, it’s the first impression we got. This small size makes it convenient to be put in the pocket and be stealthy. And this size is similar to Juul.

The vapor from it is clean and smooth. It tastes not bad.

No leakage was found. Good e-liquid locking technology was applied to the pod.

Small vapor amount. Compare to most disposables on market, like Cube Boom, and other larger closed pod systems, like RELX Phantom, Kardinal Stick, or Yooz Classic, the vapor amount from FEELM AIR is quite small, it’s a mouth-to-lung device.

For more info, please see the performance star ratings at the bottom of the article.

The official introduction to FEELM AIR

World’s Thinnest Ceramic Coil Vape Pod Solution

Equipped with UltraSlim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil


3 Technological Innovations

  • Innovationon Bionic MaterialThe Industry’s First 7-layer Composite Heating Film, with Better Harm Reduction Performance and Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Innovation on Nano Technique:Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique, with more Authentic Flavor Reproduction
  • Innovation on Microporous Structure: Better Ventilation and Leakage-proof Performance

FEELM AIR starter kit review - Unltra-thin closed pod system solution

7 Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Vaping Experience brought by FEELM Air

  • Breakthrough 1: Harm Reduction Performance Increased by 80%
  • Breakthrough 2: Flavor Reproduction Improved by 33%

Two Intellectual Properties: FlavorLockTechnology and FEELM Taste Evaluation Model 2.0

  • Breakthrough 3: Leakage-proof performance increased by 237%

Powered by 2nd Generation of “Puzzle Leakage-proof” Technology

  • Breakthrough 4: The world’s Highest Energy Efficiency of 1.3mg/W

Energy Efficiency increase by 13%

  • Breakthrough 5: Brand-new “Shock-wave Mode”

Equipped with the orld’s Smallest Linear Motor

  • Breakthrough 6: Industry’s 1st Super Power Management System TOPOWER™

Doubled Charging Efficiency

10-minute Charge for 8-hour Vaping

  • Breakthrough 7:First to Adopt an Integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical System)

Highly Reliable & Sensitive without Mis-Activation

FEELM AIR starter kit small size
FEELM AIR starter kit leakage-proofness
FEELM AIR starter kit vibration notice
FEELM AIR starter kit vapor amount
FEELM AIR starter kit taste

FEELM AIR starter kit shows the application of ultra-slim bionic film ceramic coil technology, and demonstrates a reliable solution for making small-size and small vapor vaping devices.

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