RELX Phantom pod system review: a decent pod for real vaping

RELX 5th generation vape with all-round improvements

RELX Phantom pod system is a 5th generation product from RELX official after RELX Infinity, RELX i, RELX Alpha and RELX Classic. Because this product is not on sale on global market yet, we translated its name from Chines”幻影” directly. How is the experience with RELX Phantom vape? You’ll see it in the following review.


RELX 5th Generation pod vape Phantom is released

RELX Phantom pod system parameters:

Device size and overview:

RELX Phantom pod system review
RELX Phantom starter kit overview

Model: P53a

Battery capacity: 380 mAh

Pod capacity: 1.9 ml (Larger than 1.45ml RELX i pod )

Pod nicotine content: 3%

Pod e-liquid ingredients: Glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrance, nicotine

Maximum charging current: 700 mA

Charging port: Type C

RELX Phantom pod system package content

Because the device and pods are separately packaged, so there are 2 packages in total:

Device package

1 device, 1 type C charging cable,1 user manual

Pod package

3 pods in a pack/box.

Observing from the appearance of the pod, it’s still made with FEELM atomizing core(SuperSmooth Technology), with QR code for product genuineness checking.

RELX Phantom pod system user experience

This starter kit from RELX is almost perfect for vaping. The following are the reasons.

1, The taste of RELX Phantom is perfect. The flavor I tried is Strawberry Ice and Peach Tea (13 flavors available for choosing). It’s delicious and fragrant, smooth and silky, consistent vaping experience from first puff to last puff. It’s impressive and outstanding among so many pod vapes.

You just can’t stop vaping it for its excellent taste so the biggest downside of RELX Phantom to the author is unintentionally overdosing. However, most other adult vapers could take good care of it, it’s not a big deal.

2. The 360mAh battery capacity is larger compared to the classic device. It’s more durable to support a whole day’s vaping need.

3. The vape body is sleek and smooth. Comfortable on hand.

4. There is an indicator LED while charging and vaping, looking beautiful and intuitive.

5. Appropriate vaping resistance and vapor amount. The vapor amount is not too large, nor too small, it’s just right.

6. No Leakage or condensation during use.

7. Its pod is compatible with RELX infinity. Convenient for switching devices from RELX i.

8. Fast charge type C port. About 10 minutes for a full charge.

Where to buy RELX Phantom pod system:

Not on sale: ask the RELX official for preorder


At the beginning of 2021, the author is busy selling vapes and barely have time to do reviews, sorry about the delay. There is still a mountain of vapes waiting in line for reviews for VAPE HK. Please hold on and we’ll soon review them one by one during the Chinese New Year holiday.

RELX Phantom pod system taste
RELX Phantom pod system battery capacity
RELX Phantom pod system leakageproof
RELX Phantom pod system vapor amount
RELX Phantom pod system vaping resistence
RELX Phantom pod system charging speed


RELX Phantom pod system is a decent pod for real vaping. Highly recommended.

User Rating: 4.28 ( 12 votes)


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