RELX 5th Generation pod vape Phantom is released

Battery capacity increased by 9%, charging efficiency increased by 31% with Type C

RELX released a new product named RELX Phantom (Chinese name:悦刻幻影) on 9th December in China. It looks like an important RELX new product improved in many aspects, and it will be available worldwide soon.

According to the official, it completed 51 design tests, which consumed more than 15,000 pods for reliability and taste trials in the development process.

RELX Phantom will be available in RELX offline exclusive store in China on December 15th.

RELX Phantom uses type-C standard interface input. Compared with RELX’s first-generation products, the new product’s battery capacity has increased by 9% and the charging efficiency has increased by 31%.

RELX 5th Generation pod vape Phantom is released
RELX 5th Generation pod vape Phantom is released

In terms of vape juice leakage, the new pods follow the classic labyrinth airway. The 11-layer labyrinth structure blocks condensate, ventilates and isolates e-liquid, and further independently isolates and finely controls the air exchange and pressure compensation modules in the atomizer. The e-juice leakage prevention capability is increased by 40% compared with the first-generation product.

Learn more about the RELX new product by inquiring on RELX official site.


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