RELX CNAS approved e-cigarette laboratory is put into use

On September 17, the life science laboratory established by RELX in 2020 was put into use. This is the first China physical and chemical laboratory for electronic cigarette brand accredited by CNAS.

Wen Yilong, co-founder and head of R&D and supply chain of RELX, said that RELX’s physical and chemical laboratory systematically monitored more than 130 indicators in the atomized liquid and aerosol of RELX’s exclusive factory in its daily operation. It makes a quantitative analysis of atomized liquid and aerosol in electronic cigarettes.

In addition, RELX will also establish a scientific matrix from 2020 to 2030, which includes the formation of a team of experts with many scientists, regular return visits to multiple RELX users, the establishment of multiple scientific laboratories, and multiple universities to establish long-term project cooperation, long-term toxicology research with multiple professional scientific evaluation institutions, conduct long-term clinical evaluation with multiple hospitals, and cumulatively produce hundreds of scientific discoveries.

It is reported that RELX was established in 2017 and has received investment from Sequoia Capital, IDG, Source Code Capital and other institutions. RELX Technology is a consumer electronic cigarette brand company founded in China. Its current main business is the research and development, design, and sales of RELX brand electronic atomizers.

Wang Ying, founder and CEO of RELX, revealed that RELX currently ranks first in the e-cigarette market and has established thousands of retail outlets. In the future, RELX will combine technology, products, and scientific research to provide e-cigarettes to one billion smokers worldwide.

Beijing Business Newspaper


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