FEELM promotes smoking cessation through switchover in VApril 2022 vaping awareness campaign

April 25, 2022, Shenzhen, China—FEELM, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to SMOORE, has signed up to the consumer awareness campaign – VApril 2022, to offer specialist smoking cessation advices to UK smokers and encourage them to switch to less harmful alternative.


Established by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), VApril is the largest campaign worldwide to promote smoking cessation through switchover to vaping.


“Research has shown that vaping increases the likelihood of a successful cigarette quit attempt by 50% and is now the UK’s most popular way to quit” said John Dunne, Director-General of UKVIA. “However, suspect science and misinformation on vaping are discouraging many smokers from making the switching to a less harmful alternative. We need to take an evidence-based approach to educate the public about vaping which is what Vapril was designed to do. It is great to see UKVIA member FEELM supporting these events this month.”


During VApril vaping awareness month, FEELM lays out most up-to-date evidence-based vaping facts on social media targeting adult smokers, to help them make the most informed choices.


Being an online-only campaign for the previous two years due to COVID-19 outbreak, VApril is back to physical in 2022. In April, FEELM paired up with specialist vape retailer Vapourcore, to give away Core Pro disposable vapes to adult vapers and smokers seeking to switch in London and Manchester.


As the disposable is becoming one of the most popular tools to quit combustible cigarettes, Vapourcore and FEELM have jointly introduced Core Pro, an ultra-slim disposable product with ceramic coil in early 2022. Built to be lightweight and compact, Core Pro is designed specifically for adult smokers seeking for switchover. It is equipped with a bowl-shaped FEELM ceramic coil with a microporous surface, which increases the surface area in contact with the e-liquid, hence uniform temperatures around the whole coil, lowering the risk of burnt tastes. Moreover, FEELM ceramic coil features a unique anti-condensation and maze-shaped structure preventing leakage and spit-back. By virtue of the avant-garde design and innovative technology applied, this product also won 2021 MUSE Design Award.


“Our aim was to produce a high quality and elegant vaping product for adult smokers and the Core Pro is just this” said Vapourcore CEO Charles Bloom. “Utilizing the FEELM ceramic coil gives the Core Pro a uniquely smooth, flavoursome and very efficient nicotine delivery far superior to other disposables.”


Smoking remains one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK. Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses, according to National Health Service of the UK. Meanwhile, vaping has already helped over 3 million former smokers in the UK quit smoking.


While not risk-free, vaping is certainly a less harmful alternative to combustible cigarettes and an effective aid for smoking cessation. Completely switching to vaping with scientifically substantiated products can reduce smoking-related health risks and benefit public health.


In order to guarantee product quality and harm reduction performance, SMOORE has established an industry-leading analytical testing and risk assessment system, including the industry’s first corporate toxicology laboratory and E&L (Extractable and Leachable) testing laboratory.  Based on PMTA requirements, SMOORE has developed more comprehensive and scientific, the third generation of in-house safety standards, SMOORE 3.0. In accordance with the risk assessment guidance of U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), SMOORE 3.0 covers all of the PMTA tests and HPHCs (Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents) listed by the U.S.FDA.


In recent years, tobacco companies are accelerating their business transformation by endorsing harm reduction and providing consumers with a variety of reduced-risk products. As a strategic partner and technology provider of British America Tobacco (BAT), FEELM has also been supporting its commitment to building a better tomorrow. Since 2018, BAT’s Vuse Alto has witnessed a steady growth in global market share, as it partnered with FEELM, and become the number one global vaping brand in December 2021. According to the latest Nielsen report, Vuse has just been the top brand in the U.S market in early April, with a value share of 35%.


Smoore was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Shenzhen Baoan. We are a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio and diverse customer base. DISCLAIMER
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