FEELM Ceramic Coil, Secret to Great Taste

1. FEELM Tech Overview

FEELM Tech is a revolutionary atomization technology brand belonging to SMOORE, which was just listed on Hong Kong stock market this July (stock code: 6969.HK) . According to Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE were the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019.

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The unique FEELM ceramic coil is the core of FEELM technology. It’s composed of a porous ceramic conductor and a thin layer of metallic film. It’s specially designed for closed pod systems. FEELM Tech’s atomization technology first appeared on the market around 2018. Till now, it has been widely adopted by over 15 brands. And the sales volume of pods with FEELM inside has surpassed 1 Billion.

FEELM employs over 600 exports—scientists, PhDs, and researchers—in materials and atomization fields. After making breakthroughs in materials science, hydromechanics and other areas, the FEELM coil was created. Furthermore, FEELM has applied over 1600 global patents. Till now, FEELM has won a number of domestic and international awards like Golden Leaf Awards, China Patent Excellence Award and iF Design Award 2020.

FEELM Ceramic Coil

2. FEELM Tech Benefits

FEELM is passionate about improving the vaping experience for adult smokers with innovative vaping technology and devices. Combining a Metallic Film with a Ceramic Conductor, this revolutionary technology is a breakthrough in traditional Materials and Structural Science, representing a new frontier in the vaping atomization industry.

FEELM Ceramic Coil

Compared to other materials such as glass fiber and cotton, the FEELM ceramic coil is special in its physical structure, material property and industrial design. These combinations contribute to much faster rise in temperature and more even temperature distribution on the substrate surface. The precise temperature control enabled by the FEELM atomizer can greatly reduce the amount of aldehydes and ketones produced during the vaporization process to meet the most stringent requirements set by the regulation regimes in the industry.

Another advantage of the FEELM atomizer is the even heating provided by the proprietary “s-shape” metallic film design. It can effectively eliminate most of the partial carbonation. With proper conducting the e-liquid through engineered microstructures, the ceramic coils are able to solve the dry-burn taste problem which has troubled the industry for a long time.

FEELM Ceramic Coil

Compared with ordinary coils, millions of micro size pores in FEELM ceramic coil generates smoother and purer vapor, delivering great taste and exceptional vaping experience. Each drop of E-liquid is vaporized to aerosol particles smaller than 1μm, significantly improving the efficiency of nicotine delivery by 87.58%.

3. FEELM inside Program

FEELM Technology offers a series of excellent complete pod solutions for global business partners, from the core ceramic heating technology to the matched E-liquid solution, high battery efficiency, and stylish industrial design.

So as to provide end-users a reference while making choices and to ensure them to enjoy the true great taste, “FEELM inside” was officially launched as the brand technology authentication symbol on April 15, 2019. It’s the only symbol to verify that FEELM technology is loaded and it has been registered worldwide as a trademark.

FEELM Ceramic Coil

FEELM technology has been applied in a dozen of closed pod brands. And “FEELM inside” symbol has been labeled on pod cartridges of almost all the brands, including RELX, YOOZ, MOTI, Njoy Ace, HEXA, Alfapod, Haka, VAPO, Innocigs and so on. In the near future, it will be labeled on all pods driving by FEELM technology and “FEELM inside” symbol should be the first thing customers looking for while choosing a pod.

FEELM Ceramic Coil

4. FEELM Future

Driven by innovation, FEELM never stop exploring and making progress, offering better vaping experience for global adult vapers. Owning the 1st fully automated pod production in the industry, FEELM’s annual productive capacity is over 1 billion, helping more adult smokers make the switch.

Moreover, electronic atomizer is not the only application of FEELM Ceramic Coil. With more fundamental research and development of next-generation advanced Atomization Technology, more product applications of Ceramic Atomizer maybe
expected and soon become part of our daily life!

FEELM Ceramic Coil

Learn more from Feelm Official site:


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