FIND F, Innokin develops a new generation of e-cigarette technology

With the recent amazing valuations of two listed companies, the China e-cigarette market has affected the industry’s heart by many, and it seems there it must be a hero in the China competition in the Central Plains. The traditional European and American mainstream markets for e-cigarettes, on the contrary, are a bit deserted because of the Christmas and New Year’s just over and Europe’s lockdown. Different from the China e-cigarette brand battle in full swing, Innokin’s “FIND F” marketing activities quietly launched in Europe and North America.

In the world’s largest e-cigarette forum and overseas mainstream e-cigarette platforms, Innokin’s “FIND F” advertising and press releases can be seen everywhere. However, this product should not be seen in China. As a senior international brand, Innokin has been focusing on the European and American markets, focusing on technological innovation and deepening the overseas market.

Q: I heard that the function of one of your products is locked?

Answer: Oh, did you mean the Sensis product? Yes, one of our functions requires a password to turn on.

Q: Will such a product not be complained by customers and consumers?

Answer: First, this function can be unlocked in several ways. The easiest way is to use it a certain number of times and the password will disappear automatically. The second is to meet the needs of some consumers who are curious and have a hobby of decryption. This part of consumers can try to decrypt through tips and unlock in advance. Finally, we expect to announce the password some time after the product is on the market.

FIND F, Innokin opens a new generation of e-cigarette technology

Q: Why do you want to do this?

Answer: This is a decision based on technology and product characteristics. Our product Sensis is loaded with a brand-new e-cigarette technology, which is the first to appear and be applied in the e-cigarette industry. We believe that this innovation belongs to the fourth generation of e-cigarette technology. This is a brand new technology platform, which is different from the previous operating habits of consumers. We hope that most consumers will try out the two relatively elementary new functions first, and after having some initial perception of the new technology, they will start a more complete fourth-generation new technology. And for those e-cigarette enthusiasts who are very exploratory and like to try new things, we also hope to bring them some challenges and a sense of accomplishment in this way.

Q: What is the specificity of this fourth-generation e-cigarette technology?

Answer: Electronic cigarette technology continues to develop, from the first e-cigarette such as cigarettes to the latest various products. With the improvement of technology and design, the effectiveness and popularity of e-cigarettes have increased.

The first generation of electronic cigarettes is the most basic, without any adjustment function. Inhale directly or press a button, the battery will heat the atomizing core, turning the liquid into vapor, delivering nicotine and flavors.

FIND F, Innokin opens a new generation of e-cigarette technology

The second-generation e-cigarette technology is adjustable voltage and power. Within a certain range, consumers can adjust the voltage or power they like to provide a more personalized experience. The second-generation e-cigarette technology platform is currently the most widely used and covers the most product forms.

FIND F, Innokin opens a new generation of e-cigarette technology

The third generation is temperature control technology, using more advanced chips and new atomizing core materials, designed to eliminate dry burning and reduce the harm caused by damaged cotton cores. Because the heating wire material with the best atomization experience cannot be used for temperature control, many people do not like to use this mode.

FIND F, Innokin opens a new generation of e-cigarette technology
At present, the most popular products in China are the first-generation products without any active control at that time. Of course, there has been a great improvement in product structure and appearance design. This is probably the case.

Our fourth-generation e-cigarette technology is a brand-new current and power output mode. This important upgrade improves the heat conversion efficiency between the atomizer core and the e-liquid, so as to improve the taste, extend the life of the atomizer core and provide more personalized settings.

Q: I heard that you also used the game material Contra and Konami code in this marketing. This is quite interesting. What is the reason for this?

Answer: Haha, because the product has this function to hide and unlock the password, we naturally thought of the classic Konami cheats and Contra games, especially the common memories of those born in the 80s and 90s. In addition to some challenging things for consumers, the fourth-generation technology of the product is also similar to the Konami Cheats. Extending the life of the atomizer core is the same as the three destinies in the game.

FIND F, Innokin opens a new generation of e-cigarette technology

The above is from our interview with Innokin’s marketing department, what do you think?

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