Flavored e-cigarette ban begins to loosen in USA

The latest news is that after the Public Health Commission voted, Massachusetts, the capital of Boston, has lifted some e-cigarette bans.

The flavor ban was first triggered by the mysterious lung disease caused by e-cigarettes and was later questioned by Governor Charlie Baker.

Retailers continue to sell flavorless nicotine-containing e-cigarettes in Massachusetts, but it’s worth noting that the state has banned flavored vape products since Baker signed the Modern Tobacco Control Act last month.

Flavored e-cigarette ban begins to loosen

Critics say Beck banned all e-cigarettes by an emergency executive order on September 25th, when there was no scientific health data for Beck’s actions. Subsequent research by the Centers for Disease Control found that most of the deaths of electronic cigarette smokers were actually related to cannabis. In Massachusetts, the owners of e-cigarette stores say they have been arbitrarily bankrupt, forced to close and lose a lot of revenue.

Some e-cigarette store owners have mixed feelings of happiness and worry. Berthard sells 140 kinds of e-cigarettes, only a dozen of which are not flavored. “Although the customer has come back, I still can’t sell the flavored electronic cigarettes.”

Flavored e-cigarette ban begins to loosen

New tobacco regulations require e-cigarette stores to issue warnings about the dangers of e-cigarettes and place e-cigarette products behind the counter.

DPH Commissioner Monica Bharel said, “The role of regulations is to allow regulations and legal frameworks to restrict access to these products and place warnings and signs so that people can understand their risks and, importantly, restrict access for young people. ”

Flavored e-cigarette ban begins to loosen

The new regulations also impose strict restrictions on the outer packaging of products such as e-liquid, electronic cigarettes and pods/cartridges, including the requirement that all electronic cigarette liquids containing nicotine must be packaged to prevent children from mistaking.


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