Foogo Vape of Jinjia Group new product experiencing meeting was held successfully

Jinjia Group was crowded with many guests of exalted rank on June 13. The group investor reception day and Foogo new e-cigarette product experiencing meeting arrived as scheduled. More than 100 investors, analysts and media representatives from all over the country participated in the activity and visited the group’s production line on the spot. Chairman Qiao Luyu, Executive Vice President Li Dehua, Vice President Huang Hua, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors Li Xiaohua and General Manager Chen Zhenhao and Tian Xueli, General Manager of Bozhi Science and Technology under Jinjia’s banner, had face-to-face opinions exchange and interaction with all the guests at the symposium, and talked about the current situation and future industry distribution of investor concerns. Meanwhile, the strategic development issues were also answered by the person in charge frankly and professionally.

Foogo Vape of Jinjia Group


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