Former Sony R&D engineer enters vape industry with AUPO

Goffy believes that e-cigarettes are a long-term product, the product form is very healthy, there will be more players into the track in the future.

Goffy, a former SONY R&D engineer and executive vice president of mobile phone module of Jiuzhou Group, has lived abroad for 10 years, traveled five continents, finished three passports, and is now the CEO of AUPO vape brand. AUPO electronic cigarette brand belongs to AUPO Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

aupo vape

Goffy, CEO of AUPO Electronic Cigarette Brand (Left one)

He said, “It is old yellow cigarettes in grandpa’s mouth , and it was paper cigarettes in father’s mouth, but our next generation must be electronic cigarettes. We are ushering in a great wind of changes in the times!

Although Goffy came into contact with electronic cigarettes in 2016, it was only in March 2019 that Goffy really started to work in the electronic cigarette industry. After in-depth understanding, Goffy “always felt that the industry’s soar is coming”.So he established the AUPO project quickly in less than two months, the brand’s central idea is positioned as “Act your self” (be yourself).

aupo vape

Goffy said that electronic cigarettes are not traditional electronic products. Like AJ Yeezy, electronic cigarettes are also fashionable products, which need to be created with imagination.

According to the understanding of the development trend of vape products and industry, the main team of AUPO project brings together a group of high-end talents from well-known enterprises at home and abroad who are full of personality, passion and vitality.

CPO Matthew is a big boy in uncle’s coat. Team members like to call him “Hemp Dong”. Over ten years of expatriate work experience has fostered his unique insights on product design, manufacturing and unique innovative ability abroad.

aupo vape cpo mathew

CPO Matthew

Denny, head of the Overseas Business Department, is a man allergic to fried chicken. Permanent overseas for more than ten years. Running through every corner of India when young and vigorous. Previously, in order to open up another world for domestic mobile phones, he traveled around China’s surrounding countries (India, Dubai, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.).

aupo vape overseas manager

Overseas market manager Denny

Mark, head of the domestic business department, has worked as a senior manager in the marketing department of many mobile phone brands in China. He has been in the mobile phone digital industry business for more than ten years, witnessing the development and changes of mobile phones in China. As a real Northeastern man in China, he can understand the profound definition of “personality” for an electronic cigarette product more than anyone else.

aupo vape mark

Domestic market manager Mark

This main team is in line with the famous quote of peer vape company like RELX: 70s experts lead the way, 80s manage team, 90s work hard; the rest of the team members are mostly 90s, 95s fresh forces.

AUPO brand was officially released in Shenzhen Guanlan High-tech Park on April 2, and brought kiss series of disposable vape pens for users for the first time.

In order to simulate a more realistic cigarette use scenario, kiss product designers also added visual breathing lights to the vape pen end to enhance the lighting brightness and enhance the smoker simulation experience with the inhalation during vaping.

kiss disposable vape


AUPO comes with three series of products, disposable vape pen series, pod systems (HIMA series), filter pod vapes (soki series). As an extension of kiss, the “Night King” series specializes in night clubs

night king

Night king series

HIMA series is a kind of pod system, which focuses on business people and pays more attention to its social and luxurious product attributes.

In conclusion, four words will conclude the product design ideas of AUPO: original, luxury, personality and trendy.


HIMA series AUPO-W2

As to the future development, Goffy said, “We will build an electronic cigarette brand based on user experience as the core starting point, respecting the needs of a variety of niches, personalized needs, not large and comprehensive products. We will set up subsidiaries, distribution companies and e-liquids research and development companies all over the world to provide all-dimensional services to our customers.

AUPO has been financed already. The first batch of angel funds was invested by Zhongxin Group, with a financing amount of 80 million yuan. “With the development of business later, there will be new capital entering us.” Goffy said.


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