Geekvape enters FDA’s substantive review phase of the PMTA process

Thanks to the long-term attention that e-cigarette company Geekvape has given to its innovative efforts in science and technology and to the safety of the users of its products, as well as the heavy investment in preparation for the Pre-market Tobacco Application (PMTA), all the products currently included in the submission to the FDA have entered the substantive scientific review stage.

The PMTA application poses both challenges and opportunities for Geekvape. The FDA requires the company to submit product certification, test results, pathology reports and other documentation, signifying that all manufacturers involved must have in place a complete R&D testing chain and take into account the compliance requirements from the very beginning of the approval process. In addition, the FDA also requires reports on sales and marketing activities so as to monitor each manufacturer’s promotional and advertising efforts.

Geekvape’s head of R&D, Victor Duan, said the company has always and will continue to consider the health of the users of its products as well as product development to guarantee that health as the number one priority, and has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing and sales in recent years to establish a complete, 100%-health-oriented closed-loop system for the e-cigarette industry, encompassing production, education, research and marketing.

Geekvape has invested a significant amount of resources in manufacturing, product safety and R&D in recent years. The company established a basic research institute for e-cigarette technology focusing on the R&D of molecular materials and atomization technology and set up a joint laboratory for a number of experimental tests jointly with many top universities, to ensure the healthy and steady growth of an industry that is defined by innovation and the safety of its customers, as well as one where all players are stakeholders in its success.

As the company’s globalization process accelerates, Geekvape will always focus on product development that takes the health of its clientele as the priority, with the goal of delivering a growing lineup of new products to consumers.

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