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Hello everyone, today I bring you the GTX GO 80/40 series just released by Vaporesso.
Yes, two products of the same kind are released at once.
Everyone must know the vaping performance and taste of GTX,
Today we will take a look at how does it feels with this new device.

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO brief view

A refreshing update on a pen-style vape, the GTX GO features a magnetic GTX POD 26/22, allowing you to vape in the snap of a POD. The newly improved POD features a Top-Filling system and SSS Leak-Resistant Technology, making the refilling process effortless and mess-free.
GTX GO supports the entire series of GTX coils, including an RBA finish. Paired with easily an adjustable airflow, a 3000mAh built-in battery with a maximum output of 80W, and TYPE-C quick charge capabilities, GTX GO provides a complete vaping experience.

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO features

  • Top Filling System
  • Magnetic Pod with Precise Airflow Adjustment
  • One-click Satisfaction
  • Highly Compatible for GTX Coils
  • SSS Leak-resistance Technology
  • Type-C Quick Charge
  • Comfortable Grip

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO parameters

GTX GO 80: 5/2ml
GTX GO 40: 3.5/2ml

CoilGTX GO 80:
GTX 0.2Ω MESH Coil (45-60W)
GTX GO 40:
GTX 0.6Ω MESH Coil (20-30W)

Output PowerGTX GO 80:80W Max
GTX GO 40:40W Max

Output Voltage0-4V

ChargingGTX GO 80:
DC 5V/2A, Type-C
GTX GO 40:
DC 5V/1A, Type-C

Battery CapacityGTX GO 80:
Built-in 3000mAh
GTX GO 40:
Built-in 1500mAh

Resistance Range0.1-2Ω

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO colors

Red, blue, black, gray, rainbow colors

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO hands-on experience


In terms of size, there is actually a gap between the two devices, one comes with the 26mm circle diameter, while Go 40 has a 22mm circle diameter..

GTX GO 80/40 review

The device is coated with a skin-like film, which is very skin-friendly and feels very good.
However, the actual grip of Go40 will be slightly better than Go80.
There is no big difference in structure, nothing more than a difference in power and capacity.

GTX GO 80/40 review

Oil injection method

Both devices use time-saving and labor-saving top oil injection method.
It is very convenient to operate and saves a lot of time. The open single oil injection hole ensures the efficiency of oil injection.

GTX GO 80/40 review

The link between the atomizer and the device is mainly derived from magnetic connection, which is relatively strong, but occasionally it may be slightly loose and unstable.

Airflow adjustment

Airflow adjustment is also a very simple. The conventional rotary adjustment air inlet.
But there is no sense of resistance when adjusting the air tunnel, which will make you feel very meaningless in the rotation of the air control.
The transition of the air holes is relatively limited. In addition to the obvious difference the maximum air intake and the minimum air intake, the transition is not done very well, basically there is no difference.

GTX GO 80/40 reviewGTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO Atomizer

The atomizers are the strongest GTX series that support Vaporesso.
This is a very good setting, whether it’s a large or small size.
Uniform coordination is nothing more than a great convenience for vapers.

GTX GO 80/40 review

The only pity is that the uniqueness of the atomizer is too strong,
And it does not support external atomizers, only original atomizers can be used.
It’s a pity, in fact, it’s better for vapers to vape with their own DIY interest with such a device.
The drip nozzle of the atomizer cannot be expanded, even if it is the original one-piece device, there is no drip nozzle adding option for direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung choices.
This is extremely inconvenient for vapers.
The primary nature is too strong, such a device is not a pod device, it is a functional device.
I hope it could be improved by the official later.

.GTX GO 80/40 review

Regarding the taste, Captain will not interpret too much here.
The atomizer core of the GTX series is the best for experiencing compound fruits and light desserts.
Newcomers can take a look at the Vaporousso products with GTX series reviewed by Captain.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

GTX GO 80/40 review

Where to buy GTX GO 80/40 @ $34.99 | $27.99

GTX GO 80/40 design
GTX GO 80/40 function
GTX GO 80/40 taste
GTX GO 80/40 endurance
GTX GO 80/40 price

GTX Go comes with a great atomizer and is best for experiencing compound fruits and light desserts. Less DIY fun but more practical.

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