HCD releases dual-mesh heating ceramic core AXdual

Mr. Chen Ping, CEO of HCD officially announced: that HCD AXdual dual-mesh graded heating ceramic core is grandly launched.

The HCD AXdual dual-meshgraded heating ceramic core released this time, the heating circuit is provided with a preheating part and an atomizing part. The kinematic viscosity improves the fluidity, so that the atomized oil can quickly reach the atomization surface from the liquid guide liquid inlet surface; the atomization part is heated within the range of the combined atomization surface formed by bending and turning, which also has a heating effect on the guide liquid.

Through dual nets and graded heating, AXdual ceramic cores have solved the pain points of ceramic cores such as local high temperature, powder drop, carbon deposition, heavy metal release, oil conduction and oil leakage to the greatest extent, and carried out eight core upgrades respectively.

The following are its features:

1. Dual mesh heating, graded temperature control

Dual-mesh heating, graded temperature control, more efficient, more accurate and controllable atomized liquid conduction, and the amount of smoke increased by 50%.

2. Gradual heating of multi-layer temperature field, the taste is improved by 100%

The multi-layer temperature field gradually generates heat, which significantly reduces the separation of atomized liquid molecules and improves the degree of taste reduction.

3. Avoid local high temperature and significantly reduce harmful substances

The possibility of local high temperature areas inside and on the surface of the ceramic body is avoided to the greatest extent, and the formation of harmful aldehydes caused by the thermal decomposition of the atomized liquid carrier substances (PG and VG) is significantly reduced.

4. The double heating element has high efficiency and reduces the amount of carbon deposition and heavy metal release

The heating efficiency of the double heating element is higher than that of the single heating element. Under the same amount of smoke, the temperature of the heating element can be appropriately lowered to prolong the life of the heating element; under the same number of mouths, it can reduce carbon deposition, paste smell, and reduce the release of heavy metals.

5. Progressive fever, reduce powder drop

Gradual heating, reduce excessive thermal shock, reduce the hidden danger of ceramic powder falling from the source.

6. Double power, free switching between high and low gears

It can be freely switched between 5-10 watts of high and low gears, double the power range, and smooth atomization power response.

7. The industry’s thinnest ceramic core, smaller volume and thinner

The thinnest ceramic core can be 3.0mm, which is 31% thinner. It is the thinnest ceramic core in the industry at present. It is suitable for a smaller assembly space and is suitable for carrying lighter and thinner atomizing equipment.

8. Precise temperature control


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