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Hong Kong E-cig Ban Committee Intends to Suspend Work

The Hong Kong Government submitted a draft amendment to the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to the Legislative Council in February last year. So far, eight meetings have been held. The chairman of the Committee Guo Weiqiang sent a letter to the members through the secretary. The number of meetings that the committee can hold this month and next month is different from the goal of the original ten meetings. In addition, some members have indicated that they will submit a large number of amendments. It seems unrealistic to complete the deliberations during the session, so it is recommended to suspend the work of the legislation committee in the e-cig ban. The chairman hopes that the relevant members will reply whether they support their decision before next Wednesday.

The Liberal Party and the People ’s Power have expressed support for the suspension of the deliberations. Among them, the Liberal Party ’s catering industry member Zhang Yuren said that the amendments proposed by the members have not been processed and now the time is not enough to complete the deliberations. He also criticized the legislation official for their slow work.



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