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How To Charge A Vape And Extend Its Lifespan

Taking out your vape to discover an empty battery can be annoying. Also, it’s quite bothersome when you can only get a few puffs before the battery gives up. Especially when moving with your vape.

So, how can you make your vape battery last longer? Fortunately, several simple techniques can help prolong its life. With our convenient guide, you’ll no longer be in a panic looking for a charger. If you’re prepared to elevate your vaping experience, let’s commence.

Charging a Vape

Find out whether a vape has a separate battery or one built in before trying to figure out how to charge a vape.

  • For vapes with built-in batteries. Wait for the light indicator to indicate that it is fully charged after connecting it to the charger via a USB cord. Make sure to unplug the vaporizer from the charger after it has finished charging.
  • For vaporizers with independent batteries. Open the gadget and take out the battery. After inserting the battery into an external charger, watch for full charging. After that, put the battery back into the vaporizer. Regularly check the battery’s effectiveness and replace it as needed.

Here are other ways to extend your vapes lifespan.

1. Handle Your Battery with Care

The vitality of batteries in vaping cannot be overstated; they are arguably the most critical component of any vape mod. These power sources hold a significant amount of energy and, if mishandled, can lead to severe consequences. You may have come across news articles about vape mods exploding or causing fires due to incorrect handling of vaporizer batteries.

Avoid storing your mod in areas exposed to direct sunlight or near heat sources. Moreover, refrain from using batteries that display torn wraps or any other signs of damage. Always use the manufacturer-provided cable and wall adapter for recharging these cells, and ensure they are replaced when needed.

2. Brightness Level and Screen Inactivity Period

How To Charge A Vape And Extend Its Lifespan

Most advanced vape kits or vape mods are equipped with an LED display, making managing screen brightness and timeout settings crucial. Interestingly, the very LED screens that indicate the remaining power of your vape can consume a significant amount of energy. Therefore, managing your screen effectively can help prolong the life of your battery.

As a rule, brighter screens consume more energy. Lowering the screen brightness can help extend your battery’s lifespan. Similarly, adjusting the timeout settings to switch off the screen faster when your vape isn’t in use can also contribute to longer battery life.

3. Prevent the Device from Overheating

Elevated temperatures can negatively impact the lifespan of any battery. It may seem beneficial to overheat your vaporizer to prompt the coil to heat up and swiftly convert the e-liquid into vapor, but this action could notably curtail the longevity of your e-cigarette battery.

Typically, it is advised not to subject your vaping device to temperatures surpassing 113 degrees Celsius. After utilizing the vaporizer, let it cool off before switching it off. Be aware that your vaping device continues to consume some battery power even when it’s switched on, regardless of whether you’re actively vaping or not.

In addition, extremely cold temperatures can also detrimentally affect the lifespan of a vaporizer battery, particularly in a MOD. It is recommended to abstain from using the device when temperatures plunge to -4 degrees or below.

4. Avoid Overcharging the Battery

How To Charge A Vape And Extend Its Lifespan

Overcharging can affect your battery’s lifespan. Given that many people vape during daytime hours, it might seem practical to let the battery charge overnight, a habit many of us have with our smartphones.

However, allowing a battery to remain on the charger after fully charged can lead to diminished performance. The optimal strategy is to take your vaporizer battery off the charger when it attains full charge.

In the same vein, avoid recharging your battery when it still has substantial power. This action can decrease the cell’s total capacity by impacting its “battery memory.” Nonetheless, recharging it once it drops below 40% is OK. Also, ensure you don’t exhaust the battery entirely before recharging; this stresses the charging cell and negatively affects its lifespan.

If you anticipate not using your vaporizer for a prolonged period, store it with at least a 50% charge. Upon your return, you wouldn’t want to find a dead battery in your vaping device, as, as previously stated, charging drained batteries can significantly impair their performance.

5. Ensure the Battery’s Cleanliness

How To Charge A Vape And Extend Its Lifespan

Maintaining the cleanliness of a battery is crucial for multiple reasons. Primarily, it aids in preventing any damage to your battery. A clean battery can hold a charge more efficiently and retain power better. Additionally, a well-maintained, clean battery tends to outlast those not properly cared for.

Ensuring your battery is clean prolongs the lifespan of the device it powers. Continually purchasing new batteries as they begin to fail is not economical. Old or dirty batteries consume more energy than usual, which can negatively impact the longevity of your device.

Wrapping Up

You may extend the battery life of a vaping device by buying a high-quality one and following the advice provided. When the vaporizer dies in the middle of a draw, or when you’re about to draw but the battery runs out, it can be really inconvenient. How well you handle your vaporizer battery will determine how long it lasts. A prolonged lifespan can be achieved with proper battery maintenance, giving you a more satisfying experience.


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