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How to promote vapes on Facebook

Let’s explore how to promote e-cigarette products on Facebook in this article.

Strategy 1: build awareness

Copywriting case:

Eleaf designs Trendy, High-Quality, and Easy-To-Use vaping devices for the Smart Generantion!

Must be 18+ and 21+ (USA)

Lastest product: # iStickRimC?

Copywriting analysis:

The copy tells fans that the e-cigarette produced by the brand is in line with popular design trends, good quality, and convenient operation of the device, so that fans know the brand.

Tips: Establishing awareness is the first step in establishing a relationship with your fans. By telling fans your main business, brand advantages, etc., let fans know you and understand you.

Strategy 2: daily operation

Tip 1: Demonstrate e-cigarette installation steps

Copywriting case:

How to install the e-cigarette? Check out this video to help you understand how to install it.

Post analysis: The video shows the installation steps of e-cigarettes, solving the problem that fans can’t install e-cigarettes, and at the same time through the installation tutorial, to show potential customers the details of e-cigarettes.

Tips: For e-cigarette products, installation is a necessary step before use. Show the installation process to potential customers and resolve purchase concerns.

Tip 2: Provide with more options

Copywriting case:

Which one? #iStickRim or # iStickT80?

shop now:

Warning: This product may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

Post case:

Copywriting case:

Post analysis: The e-cigarette in various colors are provided in the post, which is convenient for the audience to choose.

Tips: There are many styles of e-cigarette products. Different styles of e-cigarettes are given in the post to expand the choice of potential customers.

Tip 3: Interaction

Copywriting case:

Do you like the look of # iJust3Pro?

Comment below.

Buy now:

Warning: This product may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Keep out of reach of children.

Post case:

Post case:

Post analysis: Ask the audience which products of the brand to use during the weekend to promote audience interaction in the comment area.

Tips: When we operate the homepage on a daily basis, it is also important to properly communicate with the audience. When we interact, we add our own products to deepen the audience’s impression of the brand.

Tip 4: Release a new product

Copywriting case:

Check out this new #iJust 3 Pro by #Eleaf, an upgraded version from # iJust3!

Eleaf-SIMPLY SMART ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For more details, please visit Eleaf at

Post case:

vape marketing case how to sell vapes

Post analysis: Inform the audience that the product in the picture is a new product, reflect the new product’s update function in the copy, and show the new style of the electronic cigarette in the picture to make fans know more.

Tips: Informing the audience that publishing new products is also an important step in operating Facebook’s public homepage. By posting new products, the audience will know that the brand is continuously innovating, continuously researching and developing products, and improving the trust of the audience.

Tip 5: Free gifts

Copywriting case:

Giveaway time! In time for christams! Its been way to long and id like to make some one happy for christmas. Like share and comment (if you choose but not requires) for a chance to win this mod!

Post case:

voopoo sales

Post analysis: Posts are combined with Christmas for a free gift of Christmas gifts. Participants need to like the homepage, like posts, tag friends, and comments to get a gift. Through the above-mentioned series of operations, increase the popularity of posts , Increase exposure.

Tips: Free gifts are often an important way to promote posts and increase the popularity of posts. Combining free gifts with festivals to promote is also a good marketing solution.

Strategy 3: Holidays

Copywriting case:

Merry Christmas to our vape fam. What did Santa bring you? Let’s add some Eleaf great devices into your Christmas list!

Warning: This product may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

Post case:

chirstmas girl vaping

Post analysis: The post’s copy expresses the Christmas greetings to the fans. In the picture, the model wears Christmas atmosphere costumes to display e-cigarette products, perfectly integrate the Christmas atmosphere, and weaken marketing purposes.

Tips: In the absence of a model, the picture can use some Santa’s stickers or a human-shaped stand in combination with the product display to create a festive atmosphere (the same applies to other festivals).

Strategy 4: Promotions / Campaigns

Copywriting case:

What have you got for a great deal on our Black Friday Cyber Monday sale? 2 DAYS LEFT TO SAVE EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF:

Post case:

voopoo sales

Analysis of the post: This post has a 25% discount and a US $ 30 coupon as the discount rate, attracting the attention of fans, and displaying the brand’s electronic cigarette products in the picture.

Tips: Through activities and promotions, you can bring more attention to your homepage and keep fans following.

Strategy 5: Target right audience

1. The audiences don’t know the power & performance of electronic cigarettes

It can be reflected in the copy of the post, such as the charging method, charging speed, endurance, waterproof level, and compatibility of the electronic cigarette.

2. The audiences need something cool

When the users of electronic cigarettes are mainly fashion groups, they will pay attention to the styles of electronic cigarettes when purchasing, and you can display them through beautiful pictures or cool videos.


Final words

Directed by the right strategies, keep posting and keep learning from the results every day. Adjust your new content to cater to your audience’s preference.

At last, you’ll find your audience are real adults and like the same things.


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