Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy

Ipamorelin peptide therapy refers to the use of Ipamorelin peptides in the treatment of pituitary dwarfism, which is characterized by diminished secretion of growth hormone (GH) and low levels of IGF-1 in the blood. It can be used to treat both children and adults with this condition and could potentially accelerate their growth if they are currently deficient in GH and IGF-1 levels. There are various formulations of ipamorelin available and they are administered via subcutaneous injections twice a day.

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue (GHS) that mimics ghrelin, a naturally occurring hunger hormone. When released into your body, Ipamorelin tells your brain to release growth hormone; in essence, it tricks your body into thinking it’s hungry and wants food. Ipamorelin also seems to decrease fat retention.  If you’re looking for serious muscle growth without steroids, Ipamorelin could be for you.

Ipamorelin therapy has been shown to significantly increase strength and power in individuals already weight training consistently. It has also been clinically tested as an effective treatment for obesity and can significantly improve IGF-1 levels.

What Are the Benefits of Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin acetate is a synthetic GHRP that increases human growth hormone levels by 5 to 8 times above normal and also increases IGF-1 by 10 times. The effects are generally stronger than those of other Growth Hormone Releasing Agents (GHRAs). Some of the ipamorelin benefits include:

  • reduce fat mass
  • increase lean body mass
  • increase bone density
  • improve sleep patterns
  • improved blood glucose levels

These effects make it highly attractive as a supplement for people who want to build muscle and lose fat. The primary benefit of ipamorelin acetate is that you can use it at higher doses than most other GHRPs due to its shorter half-life.

How Much Does Ipamorelin Cost?

The cost of ipamorelin injection varies by location and pharmacy, but it typically falls between $200-$300 for a 10-week supply. If you’re looking to save money on your treatment, some clinics will offer discounted packages for multiple months of treatment at once. Since every clinic is different, be sure to ask about bulk pricing when calling to inquire about Ipamorelin. For example, if you decide to order a 6-month supply instead of just 10 weeks, you might save an extra $100 or more! This may seem like a small change per dose, but over time it adds up quickly.

What Is the Dosing of Ipamorelin

It is suggested that for men, an ipamorelin dosage of 200 to 1000mcg per day will produce significant results within eight weeks. For women, it is suggested that 25 mcg per day will produce significant results within 12 weeks. It’s important to remember these are merely guidelines and recommendations; you should always follow your doctor’s specific instructions as they apply to your body type, weight, and age. If you’re dealing with muscle wasting or underweight conditions, please ask your doctor if Ipamorelin is right for you. It’s also important to note that while studies indicate Ipamorelin (like other GH peptides) has a very fast onset of action (less than an hour), optimum benefits take between 6-8 weeks.

What Are the Side Effects of Ipamorelin

Like any medicine, Ipamorelin can cause side effects. Ipamorelin negative side effects are usually mild and may include:

  • Nausea,
  • Increased hunger
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Lethargy

In some rare cases, side effects have been noted to be more severe and may require immediate medical attention. Please contact your physician immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, swelling of limbs/face/tongue/lips, skin rash or hives, changes in vision, or hearing loss. If you have experienced any other side effects not listed here please contact a medical professional immediately for assistance as these may also require emergency assistance. When using injectable forms of HGH such as ipamorelin peptides it is important to be aware that there is a risk for infection with each injection site and improper cleaning prior to use.

Which Is Better Ipamorelin or Sermorelin?

Both ipamorelin and sermorelin are peptides used to restore or supplement growth hormone levels. Their mechanisms of action are not identical, however, and both have their pros and cons. Sermorelin is an analog of human growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) that increases growth hormone levels by signaling pituitary cells to release more growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF). Conversely, ipamorelin stimulates a different pituitary receptor (GH3) to increase plasma concentrations of human growth hormone (HGH). While both hormones effectively stimulate HGH release, ipamorelin offers some advantages over sermorelin.

How Does Ipamorelin Work for Men?

Ipamorelin peptide treatments are naturally occurring Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone or GH-RH. The hormone functions by binding to receptors on cells in the pituitary gland and releasing Growth Hormone (GH) into your bloodstream. In Ipamorelin peptide therapy, injections of synthetic growth hormone will cause your body to naturally produce higher levels of Human Growth Hormone than it normally would. These elevated levels can: 1) Fight premature aging; 2) Boost fat burning; 3) Improve sleep quality; 4) Enhance brain function. With higher GH levels, you’ll also have increased muscle growth and strength and more energy throughout your day. All good things when you’re trying to reach peak physical performance and wellbeing!

Does Ipamorelin Increase Testosterone?

Ipamorelin is a peptide hormone that has been suggested to assist with T-cell migration, IGF-1 expression, and reduced catabolic hormones. Also known as Ghrelin Receptor Agonist, Ipamorelin stimulates ghrelin receptors within stomach cells. Ipamorelin has been shown to increase serum GH, IGF-1, and insulin levels in some users but will not act as an anti-catabolic agent. It should be noted that Ipamorelin does produce similar results to GHRP6 when injected at similar ipamorelin dosages, however; it does not appear to have any significant effect on cortisol levels which would suggest less fat gain/stubborn fat loss when compared to Hexarelin or GHRP6.

How Long Does It Take To See Ipamorelin Results 

There is not a hard and fast answer to how long it takes to see ipamorelin results. You could notice an improvement as early as three weeks, but for most people, six to eight weeks of treatment is common. Overall results from your initial treatment will last between six months and a year before you have to undergo another course of injections. It all depends on factors like your diet, weight training routines, and overall level of physical activity. It also varies based on what you expect from ipamorelin peptide therapy in terms of fat loss goals. People looking for toned muscle mass often notice results within 3-4 weeks; those hoping for greater reductions in body fat may take up to eight weeks to feel more ripped or toned when wearing their clothes. Keep in mind that dosage and timing will pay a great value

When Should You Take Ipamorelin?

While most similar therapies last less than half an hour and you have to wait at least six hours before taking another dose, ipamorelin lasts anywhere from two to four hours and only has a thirty-minute gap between doses. This makes it very convenient for those who want to use it for bulking purposes or simply don’t want to adhere to a strict HGH injections schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ipamorelin FDA Approved?

No, Ipamorelin is a peptide and therefore not FDA approved. However, it is legal to purchase, own and use.

Does Ipamorelin Build Muscle?

Ipamorelin has been shown to stimulate human growth hormone secretion by acting on ghrelin receptors. The most interesting thing about ipamorelin peptide therapy is that it is not restricted or illegal like some other HGH drugs are.

Does Ipamorelin Make You Sleepy?

The short answer is yes, but there are ways to mitigate and/or manage that side effect. For example, if you work a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time at a desk, consider taking Ipamorelin before lunch.

Can You Eat After Ipamorelin?

It’s likely that you will have a small amount of hunger after an Ipamorelin injection. If you do feel hungry, it is safe to eat a meal or snack as long as you don’t go overboard. The key is to eat something healthy and be sure not to overeat. Having Ipamorelin can make you want more food than normal, but eating too much can put a lot of stress on your digestive system which isn’t good for weight loss.

Can You Mix Sermorelin and Ipamorelin?

Unfortunately, we have little data on doing so and would strongly caution against combining GRF’s unless you are very familiar with your body’s responses to their usage. Given that ipamorelin and sermorelin are peptides of similar structure, both growth hormone-releasing factors (GRF’s), it stands to reason that one could mix them together for a synergistic effect.

Tesamorelin vs Ipamorelin: What the Difference

The main difference between these two medications is in their half-lives. Where Tesamorelin has a longer half-life of 12 to 18 hours, Ipamorelin is only 4 to 8 hours. This means that Ipamorelin will have its effects wear off faster than Tesamorelin but also that it needs to be administered more frequently: twice per day as opposed to once per day with Tesamorelin.


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