IQOS fully covers most Japanese convenience stores

IQOS products began to be tested in Japan in 2014 and was introduced to the Japanese national market in 2016. How strong is the IQOS propaganda in Japan? Recently, Blue Hole New Consumption reported in an article that when visiting some convenience stores near Osaka to check the coverage of Japan’s new tobacco sales terminals, they found that IQOS advertisement is everywhere in Japanese convenience stores.

There are three-dimensional advertisements of IQOS at the door of 711 convenience store.

At present, these two products are popular: IQOS 3, which sells for 10980 yen, and IQOS 3 MULTI, which sells for 8980 yen, totaling 660 yuan and 539 yuan respectively.

At the top of the checkout counter of 711 is a special IQOS sales display rack.

When I arrived at Family Mart’s convenience store, I saw the display of the checkout counter outside.

After entering the store, it is still the three-dimensional column advertisement of IQOS 3.
Blue Hole New Consumer reports that they have come to another convenience store brand, LAWSON, no doubt, the counter is still IQOS.

They tried to find other brands besides IQOS, but they didn’t find them. Although Japanese tobacco companies, which account for 60% of Japan’s tobacco share, also have their own brand Ploom, none of these convenience stores can see any display of it.
After seeing this, Blue Hole New Consumers sighed: Convenience stores are the best retail location for offline traffic aggregation. If the brand loses the opportunity to stay in the convenience store, it means that the opponent has doubled its advantages.


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