• Brandshnb devices sold in china recomendation

    Discover a few HNB cartridges and devices sold in China currently

    One of our old friends has been selling heat-not-burn and vaping devices in China for over 8 years, and he used to export lots of vape products to Hong Kong. Today he asked us to recommend his product to more readers outside Hong Kong. Following are all the HNB products…

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  • Buyer needsNeed iqos accesoris (case,bags) for wholesale

    Need iqos accesoris (case,bags) for wholesale

    We are a Hungarian(European) company. We are interested in buying iqos accesoris (case,bags)to sell them at Hungary and Russia. Can you pls send us your catalog of iqos items.   Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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  • iQOSphilip morris international

    PMI is crazy and even beats itself! IQOS will completely replace its own cigarette products

    Philip Morris International (PMI) CEO André Calantzopoulos recently published a long speech at the Boston University CEO Club, the content talked about the new technology development of PMI to create a smoke-free future. It also talked about the current public misunderstanding of Philip Morris, and he said that Philip Morris…

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  • iQOSiqos fda

    IQOS on market is approved by FDA

    IQOS is approved by FDA, and Altria plans to market HNB devices in the United States. Source: F.D.A. Permits the Sale of IQOS, a New Tobacco Device About iQOS The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Philip Morris International’s iQOS device, which, unlike traditional burning tobacco, only heats and…

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  • iQOSIQOS sweeps Japanese convenience stores

    IQOS fully covers most Japanese convenience stores

    IQOS products began to be tested in Japan in 2014 and was introduced to the Japanese national market in 2016. How strong is the IQOS propaganda in Japan? Recently, Blue Hole New Consumption reported in an article that when visiting some convenience stores near Osaka to check the coverage of…

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  • Brandsiqos vape

    IQOS Mini E-cigarette is Launched

    Is IQOS just the name of the heating non-burn product? No, IQOS mini e-cigarette has also come out! Cylindrical appearance with buttons. This is not a small factory imitation product, deliberately labeled “IQOS”, it belongs to the same company as IQOS heating non-combustion products, both of which are produced by Philip Morris International. According…

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  • Chinaqoq

    QOQ is Sued by Philip Morris for Intellectual Property Infringement

    The domestic rising heat not-burn e-cigarette enterprise QOQ is sued by the tobacco giant Philip Morris International. What is wrong? Recently, Shenzhen QOQ Technology, a well-known domestic Xinrui enterprise that heating and non-burning e-cigarettes, received a letter unexpectedly from Philip Morris International, which mentioned matters concerning intellectual property infringement and unfair competition. What is going on now? It is…

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  • iQOS

    The Attitude of China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on IQOS

    Regarding IQOS, Ploom, Glo, Revo and other Heat not burn tobacco products, what is the attitude of the China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau? Heat not burn cigarettes is a kind of new type of tobacco product. It has the characteristics of “heating cut tobacco or tobacco extract instead of burning cut…

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  • Brandsjapan heat not burn japan heat not burn

    Heat Not Burn Products are Rising Price Overall in Japan

    In Japan, heating non-burning products are rising the price across the country. According to “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on August 15, Japan Tobacco Industry Corporation (JT) announced on August 14 that it has applied to the Ministry of Finance to raise the price of a total of 150 types of…

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  • Vaping Knowledgeibacco

    You Can Smoke Like This – Secret High Tech

    I saw an innovative product called ibacco recently. The real cigarette can be inserted directly from the top, rolled in and out easily. According to the relevant person in charge of ibacco, this is the world’s first, ceramic three-dimensional all-round heating, reducing the tobacco flavor, and the taste is more mellow. Heating…

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