IQOS Mini E-cigarette is Launched

Is IQOS just the name of the heating non-burn product? No, IQOS mini e-cigarette has also come out! Cylindrical appearance with buttons.iqos

This is not a small factory imitation product, deliberately labeled “IQOS”, it belongs to the same company as IQOS heating non-combustion products, both of which are produced by Philip Morris International.iqos

According to what is currently known, IQOS smoke has three colors: black, light green, and gold. There are 7 flavors: mint, alcohol cigarette grass, traditional tobacco, pear fruit, red raspberry, passion fruit and tea.

Each cartridge is packaged in a separate package with two cartridges inside. There are 10 inside a smoke bomb. I saw a lot of people posting advertisements saying that they can be sold in regular channels, and they can be sold on Taobao!iqos

Philip Morris International is an international tobacco giant, and it doesn’t look at the small market at all! For a product, without a comprehensive experimental study, if there is a great harm to the human body, it is afraid to do it! Those who doubt the e-cigarette because of the recent negative news should wake up!

Now Philip Morris International has inserted a foot in the small cigarette market, showing how optimistic about the prospects of this market!iqos

As soon as the picture of this product appeared, on the morning of last Saturday, the sales advertisement went viral in the circle of friends. However, if you want to order, you will be told that there is no stock and you need to make a reservation. There is only one thing that has not yet been clearly understood, which channels these goods will enter the country by then. I hope that it will not be like IQOS heat not burn product, so that I will be traced by the Customs on suspicion of smuggling!


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