• JTIJT launches two new flavors of cartridges for Ploom S

    JT launches two new flavors of cartridges for Ploom S

    New tobacco stick products will be launched nationwide from January 20, 2020. JT announced that from January 20, 2020, it will launch two new flavors, Camel Regular and Camel Menthol for its heat not burn product, Ploom S. The new product will gradually be sold nationwide, with a price of…

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  • South KoreaKTG has released the latest LIL MINI version heated not burn

    Korean Tobacco Giant KTG has Released the Latest LIL MINI Version Vape

    Korean tobacco giant KTG has released the latest LIL MINI version heated not burn e-cigarette. A short and powerful vape.  LIL e-cigarette is a kind of heated non-combustion e-cigarette produced and developed by KT&G, which is a local tobacco giant in South Korea. It has a compact and simple appearance design,…

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  • BrandsChina Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

    China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

    China Tobacco of Anhui launched the world’s first magnetic particle soaking technology heat not burn product! Following China Tobacco of Sichuang, China Tobacco of Yunnan, and China Tobacco of Guangdong, China Tobacco of Anhui also ushered in the launching ceremony of heating not burn products! On October 18th, China Tobacco of Anhui held a world…

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  • Brandsiqos vape

    IQOS Mini E-cigarette is Launched

    Is IQOS just the name of the heating non-burn product? No, IQOS mini e-cigarette has also come out! Cylindrical appearance with buttons. This is not a small factory imitation product, deliberately labeled “IQOS”, it belongs to the same company as IQOS heating non-combustion products, both of which are produced by Philip Morris International. According…

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  • South KoreaSouth Korea's Vape Exhibition in September 2018

    South Korea’s Vape Exhibition in September 2018 is a Huge Success

    South Korea’s e-cigarette exhibition in September, a successful ending – the topic of heating and non-burning The Korea E-cigarette Exhibition was held in Hall 3 (KINTEX) from September 7th to 9th, and was jointly organized by Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center (KINTEX), The Fairs and Korea E-Cig Industry Association.…

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  • iQOSheat not burn

    HNB Term is Registered as Brand

    The term “Heat doesn’t burn” industry term is squatted as a trademark by the IQOS company Recently, some people inside the industry reported that IQOS Philip Morris International has registered the heat doesn’t burn industry term as a trademark! Hearing this news, it is not only a surprise, but a shock! Heat doesn’t burn, is…

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  • Chinaqoq

    QOQ is Sued by Philip Morris for Intellectual Property Infringement

    The domestic rising heat not-burn e-cigarette enterprise QOQ is sued by the tobacco giant Philip Morris International. What is wrong? Recently, Shenzhen QOQ Technology, a well-known domestic Xinrui enterprise that heating and non-burning e-cigarettes, received a letter unexpectedly from Philip Morris International, which mentioned matters concerning intellectual property infringement and unfair competition. What is going on now? It is…

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  • iQOS

    Two Types of Consumers of Heat Not Burn Products

    Do you really know well about the two types of consumer groups of heat not burn tobacco products? Heat not burn tobacco products will be the fastest growing product in the next five years. And its sales will reach $15.4 billion in 2021, which will be higher than the $2 billion in 2016…

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  • iQOSiqos heat not burn

    Heat not burn Products Creates a New Growth in the Vape Field

    Heat not burn tobacco products like iQOS becomes the new profit growth points for the e–cigarette industry! Over the years, with the continuous advancement of global tobacco control operations, traditional tobacco has been declining, and new tobacco products have gradually become a research and development hotspot to lead the industry change. Compared…

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  • Brandsjapan heat not burn japan heat not burn

    Heat Not Burn Products are Rising Price Overall in Japan

    In Japan, heating non-burning products are rising the price across the country. According to “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on August 15, Japan Tobacco Industry Corporation (JT) announced on August 14 that it has applied to the Ministry of Finance to raise the price of a total of 150 types of…

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