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Is e-cigarette suitable for girls to vape?

Now smoking is no longer the privilege of boys. Many girls also smoke. Although the word “smoking” seems to be a symbol of unbehaved, in real life, how can there be without “smoking” in the adult world? Since smoking is becoming not distinguished between men and women, the proportion of smoking girls is rising, so is vaping.

This is actually quite normal. Smoking is often a way of emotional resolution, such as unsatisfactory work and unsatisfactory life. When you have no one to talk to, maybe smoking is your way of speaking. Self-resolve, self digest, hope that the nicotine in the cigarette can temporarily paralyze ourselves.

After e-cigarettes became popular, a big part of smokers began to switch to e-cigarettes. Of course, there were also men and women. Okay, now let’s say “is e-cigarette suitable for girls?”

Here comes the answer:

1. Girls who do not smoke are not suitable to vape.

2. Minor girls are not suitable to vape.

3. Pregnant girls are not suitable to vape.


Compare the hazards of e-cigarettes and cigarettes: cigarettes>e-cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes will cause:

1. Teeth turn yellow

2. Loose dark yellow skin

3. Bad breath

4. There is a pungent smell of smoke on the body

5. Smoke stains will remain on fingers

6. Second-hand smoke smells too much and affects people around you

7, More soot

Of course, it is better to be able to quit smoking. If you can’t quit, in comparison, we would recommend e-cigarettes to girls who smoke. Girls are naturally beautiful. E-cigarettes do not have “tar”, which reduces the damage to the body a lot. And it does not have the above bad effects in smoking cigarettes. The appearance of vape is stylish and beautiful, with many flavors, and there is basically no smoke smell. It is more convenient and simple to vape than smoking.


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