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Is Juul legal in Hong Kong

Juul is not legal in Hong Kong. The thing matters is the nicotine contained e-liquid.

Because Juul pods contain freebase nicotine salt, it’s illegal in Hong Kong.

However, if you are not carrying the pods but only the vape device, it’s legal.

Please do not vape in public places like restaurant, library, airport, etc. which are not allowed. And don’t take nicotine contained e juice when you are entering the Hong Kong by air or ship through a customs checking in case of getting into trouble.

Nicotine is the a Part 1 poison in Hong Kong, which can only be sold at pharmacies under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. The illegal sale and possession of Part 1 poisons and unregistered pharmaceutical products are criminal offences. The maximum penalty for each offence is a fine of $100,000 and two years’ imprisonment.

Besides, pod vapes like RELX, MOTI are also illegal in Hong Kong for containing nicotine in pods. That’s why you cannot see them in Hong Kong.

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Another question asked by some fan from Vape hk,”What age can you buy vape in hong kong?” Well, any age is allowed once the vape doesn’t contain nicotine. Vape pen is just an ordinary kind of electronics device. Besides, some vape e-liquid is just made of wheatmeal or starch which belongs to the food category. They are safe though some lead kids to nicotine contained e juice vaping or cigarette smoking like the Juul in USA.


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Dennis Yin
Dennis Yin
3 years ago

Because Juul pods contain freebase nicotine salt, it’s illegal in Hong Kong.Freebase nicotine and nicotine salt are two types of nicotine. Don’t call it freebase nicotine salt.

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