Is Smoking Worse than Vaping JUES??

Traditional cigarettes, which are harmful for a number of reasons, have long been replaced by vaping. Nowadays, a tonne of research has demonstrated that vaping is generally the preferable choice. But specifically, how better? Consider vaping JUES vs. traditional cigarettes to see how vaping outperforms conventional tobacco.

What distinguishes JUES vaping from cigarette smoking?

Smoking cigarettes delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can result in illnesses related to smoking. JUES can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a way that is much less harmful.

However, the use of a smoke-free product that produces a vapour when a user inhales it is referred to as vaping. JUES discovered several ways to create a flavourful nicotine-containing vapour that a consumer can inhale in place of burning tobacco, but that has a lot fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes.

Is vaping JUES better than cigarettes?

As we all know, smoking can lead to serious illnesses like lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and other conditions, but these usually don’t manifest themselves until after years of smoking.

Many solid, gaseous, and liquid particulates from combustion can be found in smoke. Any substance that reaches the auto-ignition temperature undergoes combustion and burns. Combustion produces a large number of toxic by-products because it is a series of quick-fire and turbulent chemical reactions.

Why smoking is injuries to health?

In actuality, there are an astounding 4000 chemicals present in smoke, with cigarette smoke containing no less than 7000 different chemicals. There are 250 chemicals known to be harmful, including carcinogens, among these unpleasant toxins. Nearly 70 substances found in cigarette smoke have been linked to cancer.

So, a large portion of the health risks associated with smoking are due to combustion. Whatever you light will give off toxic smoke. And it’s not good news to start contaminating your lungs with the result when what you’re lighting is as poisonous as a cigarette. In the end, it has an impact not only on smokers; indirectly the effects also have an impact on many children, pregnant women and even non-smokers.

Is Smoking Worse than Vaping JUES??

Cigarette tobacco is not used in its unprocessed form. Instead, it is treated with chemicals to hasten the burning of the tobacco and speed up nicotine absorption. From a sales perspective, people will smoke more cigarettes if they burn and release nicotine more quickly. This is the main rationale behind the use of ammonia in cigarettes. Ammonia speeds up the brain’s absorption of nicotine despite being obviously unhealthy to consume.

The main distinction between JUES and cigarettes is that vape juice doesn’t contain any tobacco. This is undoubtedly a benefit, but tobacco is not the only questionable ingredient in cigarettes. The tens of thousands of chemicals that are also produced during combustion are listed above.

The Royal College of Physicians claims that e-cigarettes are much safer than conventional cigarettes. This is because the burning of the tobacco inside cigarettes produces no smoke, ash, or tar. Studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of smoke and tar on the human body, including conditions related to the lungs, circulation, and oral health.

Is JUES safe to use?

JUES is not risk-free, but it is far less dangerous than a regular cigarette. JUES is the ideal substitution for cigarette smoking if you want to break a bad smoking habit. If you currently smoke, quitting is a wise move. But you’d be better off staying away from vaping if you never smoked.


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