Is Vaping Cannabis Safer Than Smoking

Is there really a health difference when it comes to vaping vs. smoking marijuana?


It’s a question many cannabis fans ask themselves.


Since the rise of e-cigarettes, the idea that they’re safer to ingest compared to traditional smoking has become a popular theory.


But is there any truth to this notion?


Keep reading as we take a closer look at the battle between vaporizing vs. smoking weed and find out which is better.


We also investigate whether it’s better to buy CBD oil or your own seeds for outdoor growing (try here).


Let’s get started.


Vaporizing vs. smoking weed


Smoking the dried flowers from a marijuana plant in a joint is one of the oldest ways to consume this magical herb.


Recent years have seen many cannabis fans forgo traditional papers and convert to electronic devices, believing vaporizing weed is better.


Both consumption methods allow CBD and THC to make their way into your bloodstream via the tissue in your lungs. You’ll also feel the psychoactive effects of a particular strain within a few seconds, regardless of which technique you use.


When it comes to vaping vs. smoking marijuana, the biggest difference is the heat produced by each method. Joints burn at high temperatures, damaging the soft tissue within your lungs every time you take a puff.


In comparison, devices used for vaping weed run a lot cooler, with some giving you full control of the temperature. As a result, you don’t irritate your throat and respiratory system to the same degree.


That doesn’t mean vaporizing weed is better or completely harmless.


Cannabis oil often contains a variety of chemicals and, due to a lack of regulations, may contain toxic compounds. Some of the most harmful ingredients used to make these products include:


  • Carcinogenic chemicals: Low-quality products contain damaging compounds used to suspend the THC and CBD in a fluid. While vaporizing weed is better, inhaling these chemicals can cause cancer.


  • Flavorants: Cannabis oils come in many different flavors. Some products use ingredients like diacetyl which irritate your lungs to achieve their mouthwatering tastes.


  • Heavy metals: The coils in a vape pen are made using a variety of different metals. Continuous use leads to the heating element breaking down and releasing microscopic particles into your lungs.


Benefits of vaping cannabis


Another reason electronic devices are winning in the battle between vaping vs. smoking marijuana is their additional benefits.


For starters, e-cigarettes are much easier to use, requiring a single press of a button to activate them. On the other hand, rolling joints takes skill and a bit of practice, which can get frustrating for some beginners.


Another massive reason people think vaporizing weed is better is that there’s less smell and no ash. You don’t have to worry about your clothes absorbing a pungent marijuana fragrance and a low chance of burning yourself.


While the initial cost of THC pens is high, vaping is more affordable than smoking in the long run. Oils tend to last longer than raw bud, and the devices are far more efficient with their usage.


When it comes to vaping weed vs. smoking it, one benefit that stands out is the ability to inhale a consistent dose. This feature becomes even more important for medical marijuana patients using CBD as a form of treatment.


Many people who choose to consume cannabis with an electronic device claim that the flavor is cleaner. You’re more likely to pick up nuances in flavor between various cultivars, improving your overall experience.


There is also a wider variety of options when it comes to vaping vs. smoking marijuana. Some electronic devices are single-use, while others let you refill with oil or wax. There are even models that let you vape raw, dry buds.


Potential issues


While there are many benefits to using vape pens over joints, there are still potential health issues with using these devices.


It’s important to understand that smoking anything is harmful to your respiratory system.


Although vaporizing weed is better, the heat is the main problem. Prolonged exposure may still lead to damaged lung tissue, even if the device’s temperature is lower than a joint.


Buying and using low-quality oils can also release toxic compounds into your lungs that can lead to illnesses like cancer. Only buy from trusted dispensaries and avoid black market products.


If you develop symptoms such as coughing, chest pain, or shortness of breath, stop smoking and visit your health practitioner.


The bottom line


So, is smoking carts better than weed?


The truth is that inhaling any hot vapor into your lungs isn’t good for you, regardless of the consumption method.


If you like smoking cannabis, a vape pen is a healthy alternative to joints, provided you buy products from a reputable dispensary. You could also grow your own weed at home, ensuring no harmful chemicals make their way into your oil or wax.


Where do you stand when it comes to vaping vs. smoking marijuana? Check out the vast range of CBD and THC oils for sale and see if you can tell the difference.

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances. DISCLAIMER
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