Japan’s latest all-round smoking ban doesn’t ban vapes

Japan has issued a national smoking ban recently, luckily, the heat not burn and vapes will not be affected. And it may lead to a new significant vape growth in Japan.

The new smoking control measures will cover 84% of restaurants and bars throughout Tokyo, and 45% of restaurants and bars nationwide will be affected by the ban.

This measure will completely prohibit the use of traditional cigarettes in designated places, including kindergartens, schools and day care centers, but universities, hospitals and government offices will still retain designated outdoor smoking areas.

Will the ban counter-promote the abuse of new types of tobacco?

Will the ban counter-promote the abuse of new types of tobacco?

The Japanese government has indicated that “safer alternatives, such as heat not burn products and vapes, will not be subject to this regulation,” a Tokyo government official said, and users will be able to use their vape devices normally.

Although electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine and the damage caused by heat not burn devices is lower than that of traditional cigarettes, it is unavoidable for non-smokers to consider these devices free from the national ban on smoking as the next legitimate “smoking behavior” policy.

For example, if you go to a restaurant to eat, which is completely smoke-free, but it allow people to use electronic cigarettes or heat not burn products, even if you are a vaper, would it feel a little inappropriate?

Japan's latest all-round smoking ban doesn't ban vapes

Perhaps the Japanese government’s idea is to use the new tobacco device as a springboard for the 2020 smoke-free Olympic Games. If so, this regulation should limit the scope of use of new tobacco products at the same time and allow users to choose appropriate smoking places through clearer regulations in order to achieve the real goal of tobacco control.

What impact does it have on users and industries?

Japan's latest all-round smoking ban doesn't ban vapes

For e-cigarette users and vape businesses, this ban is very good news, because it not only represents the Japanese government’s correct understanding of the health risks of e-cigarettes, but also indirectly acknowledges that “e-cigarettes are of great help in helping cigarette users to change.” Although the regulations are not comprehensive, it may extend the problem of self-discipline of new tobacco users. However, most people are optimistic about the smoking control measures.

As for the vape business operators, with the approval of the government, the promotion is naturally like on wings!

Japan has a very high proportion of smokers, both male and female. After the introduction of the smoking ban, cigarette manufacturers can take this opportunity to let cigarette users try to use electronic cigarettes. But in the same way, they must also play a good role in checking and selling electronic cigarettes to minors and non-smokers.

Olympic Games may bring explosive growth opportunities for VAPE

Japan's latest all-round smoking ban doesn't ban vapes olympic games

Under the increasingly severe policy of tobacco control, even with the same smoking behavior, at least smokers can choose new tobacco products with relatively low health risks, and the Olympic ban on smoking can just make choices for smokers who are hesitant about whether to alternate to vapes or not.

Japan has always been a very popular tourist country. This Olympic Games will attract a larger number of tourists to travel. This is just an explosive business opportunity, and “Europe and the United States have a large number of e-cigarette users.” If the operators seize this opportunity to communicate with foreign vapers and promote traditional smokers, then they will have the opportunity to make e-cigarettes in the “2020 Tokyo Olympics” usher in a new wave of growth peak.


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