Jinxi vape received nearly 10 million yuan in angel round financing from a well-known China angel investor

In 2021, Jinxi vape bucks the trend. After the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China issued a draft of e-cigarette regulation, various industries have been discussing the e-cigarette industry regulatory storm. Under such a situation, Jinxi vape has received the first round of nearly 10 million yuan in angel financing from well-known China investors.

According to reports, the investors in this round have the background of shareholders of many China listed companies and are very optimistic about the e-cigarette track and the Jinxi team. The two sides hit it off. From the first meeting to reaching the investment cooperation, it is only a time for afternoon tea. This is a magical time. The beginning of the journey.

The Jinxi team has been in contact with the e-cigarette industry since 2018. From enthusiasts, opening stores, to trading, etc., they have never forgotten the brand dream in their hearts. These years, they have been paying attention to the industry dynamics and silently focusing on the search for electronic atomization. The best quality technical support and solutions for the product. Committed to creating a trendy cultural brand of vapes with fashion, individuality, passion and hard work as the core.

Jinxi vape received nearly 10 million yuan in angel round financing from a well-known China angel investor

“It is often difficult to guess the needs of the market, but others have already clarified the needs. If you meet this demand, the market direction will be more certain. After dare to fight for the world, the Jinxi e-cigarette team always insists on the product first Philosophy, make a good product, insist on doing the right thing, and do it right.” Jinxi said.

Dianziyan Gongzhonghao


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1 year ago

Fake. YOUTO is the worst brand. My vape got over in 2 days for around 250 puffs

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