Juul Vape Plans to Enter Korea and India in 2019

Juul Lab was born in the United States in 2015, are becoming more and more popular among consumers all over the world. When large media often send negative reviews and reports to smear electronic cigarettes in media, talking about how many countries and regions in the world prohibit electronic cigarettes, to prove the “harmfulness” of electronic cigarettes, Juul is growing faster and faster.

It is understood that Juul has been listed of legal products in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Israel.

If you think that Juul e-cigarettes have met these markets, that would be a big mistake. In terms of expansion strategy, Juul e-cigarettes are not like the leading U.S. e-cigarette brands. Juul’s ambitious and expanding to other global markets.

According to the Korean Herald, Juul Labs is expected to enter the Korean market in 2019. “Our goal is to launch Juul in the Korean market in the first half of this year or at the latest in the second half of this year,” said a representative of the company.

Juul Labs established Juul Labs Korea Branch, a local subsidiary, in late 2018, and submitted a trademark application to the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

Juul Labs plans to provide its brand with less than 1% nicotine, which is known to sell e-cigarettes with up to 2% nicotine content.

In addition to entering the Korean market, Reuters reported in February that Juul Labs hopes to launch its products in India by the end of 2019. It is also reported that a “new Indian subsidiary” is planned.

It is reported that launching its products in India is part of Juul Labs’Asian strategy. India has 106 million adult smokers, second only to China, and has become a lucrative market for companies such as Juul and Filmo International.

India’s Ministry of Health advises states to stop selling or importing electronic cigarettes

According to sources, Juul is studying federal and state regulations that could hamper his plans and will work with the medical community to improve the acceptance of his products. If Juul can open up the Indian market, it will have a tremendous leading role and demonstration effect on Chinese domestic e-cigarette brands.


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