Kersentech Looks to May 2024 for Pilot Production in Vietnam Facility, Focusing on Heat-Not-Burn Vape Products

On April 18, Kersentech released its annual report for 2023, which highlighted several initiatives related to its electronic cigarette products. The most notable development is the planned trial production at its new facility in Vietnam.

Vietnam Factory Set for Trial Production in May 2024

“The Vietnam factory is a strategic move by the company, reflecting our vision for long-term industrial growth. We expect the facility to start trial production in May 2024. The initial focus will be on manufacturing heat-not-burn vape products.”

Development of a MIM Factory

“The application of MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology is expanding across various sectors, leveraging its inherent characteristics and advantages. In line with our industrial strategy, we are setting up a MIM factory. The equipment necessary for MIM production was installed and calibrated in March 2024.”

Expansion into the Vape Industry

Kersentech further solidified its presence in the vape industry by acquiring Kunshan Yuancheng in April 2018 for 230 million yuan, enhancing its capabilities in precision die-casting and other processes.

According to industry insiders, Kersentech’s collaboration with Fimo International is steadily growing, extending from interior components to structural exterior parts. Besides designing and manufacturing precision metal components, Kersentech’s subsidiary, TerriBright, also provides surface treatment services to Fimo International.

This strategic expansion and technological advancement mark significant milestones for Kersentech as it continues to innovate and grow in the competitive electronic cigarette market. Stay tuned for more updates as they progress towards their production goals in Vietnam.


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