KEYSTONE: A Premium ODM&OEM Vape Manufacturer


KEYSTONE is a premium ODM&OEM Vape manufacturer from China, which is focused on vape R&D.KEYSTONE developed many products for first-class vape brands.

1. Vape R&D

KEYSTONE’s R&D team has over 10 years of experience in the vape industry. The team has 10 Internal instruction engineers. They developed many popular vapes for vape brands around the world.


We personalize a vape from scratch for first-line brands. Their product group has sturdy industrial sketch abilities and product improvement capabilities.

Their product supervisor Forest Jin was once the head of the SAVAINELLI manufacturer from 2012 to 2019, and the grant chain chief of the ZIPPO sub-brand VAZO from 2019 to 2021.

Their vape look dressmaker and vape ID dressmaker group additionally have 10 years of the trip in vape product design.

They have personalized explosive vapes for many global first-line manufacturers from scratch, and our merchandise has been exported to greater than 20 countries.

3. Factory Capacity

Their own super factory in China Dongguan. They can produce 1,200,000 vape pens/per month.

4. Quality Control

For every issue of Vape, we want to habit 10 strict tests and attempt to produce Vape with low nicotine and massive smoke volume.  Regarding the manufacturing environment of Vape, their manufacturing unit manufacturing workshop strictly keeps a dust-free manufacturing environment, commonly cleans the manufacturing line frequently, and conducts strict inspections on the completed merchandise produced.

What does ODM&OEM Vape mean?

ODM and OEM Vape are terms that refer to two different types of manufacturing relationships between companies.

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. In this type of relationship, one company designs a product and then hires another company to manufacture it. The manufacturer is responsible for producing the product according to the design specifications provided by the hiring company.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In this type of relationship, one company provides the design specifications and another company manufactures the product. The manufacturer is responsible for producing the product according to the specifications provided by the hiring company.

KEYSTONE: A Premium ODM&OEM Vape Manufacturer

Why ODM&OEM Vape is popular?

ODM and OEM vape manufacturing can be important to vape brands.

First, ODM and OEM manufacturing allows vape brands to focus on their core competencies, such as marketing and distribution while leaving the manufacturing to a specialized company. This can allow the brand to scale up production more quickly and efficiently.

Second, ODM and OEM manufacturing can allow vape brands to offer a wider range of products without the need for significant investment in research and development or manufacturing facilities. By working with an ODM or OEM manufacturer, a vape brand can quickly add new products to its portfolio without incurring the costs associated with developing and producing them in-house.

Third, ODM and OEM manufacturing can help vape brands reduce their costs and improve their margins. By working with a manufacturer that specializes in producing vapes, a brand can benefit from economies of scale and lower production costs. This can allow the brand to offer its products at a lower price point or increase its profitability.

Therefore, most brands will choose to find vape manufacturers and explore more new products to open up a larger market for their own market.
E-cigarette brands put more energy into developing the market, rather than product research and development. The separation of research and development from the market is also the inevitable result of the market economy: the functional segmentation of enterprises.

How to contact KEYSTONE?

Please contact KEYSTONE’s official Mailbox: [email protected]

Why choose KEYSTONE vape as your vape manufacturer?

KEYSTONE has a top vape R&D team, a super factory, and good quality control ability. KEYSTONE absolutely is a good choice for your vape brand to grow your vape business.



KEYSTONE is a vape manufacturer from China, providing ODM and OEM Vape services for top vape brands. We have very strong supply chain paltform and product technology. We have cooperated with many first-line e-cigarette brands. Our team members have been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry for over 10 years. Our core competitiveness is ID design, a robust supply chain, and cost control. Looking forward to working with the brand
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