KIWI unveils ceramic coil disposable vape KIWI GO

Italian vaping technology leader KIWI has announced the launch of KIWI GO in Italy, featuring the world’s first ceramic coil disposable solution called FEELM Max. The product represents a significant advancement in vaping technology, showcasing KIWI’s commitment to user-centric innovation. KIWI collaborated with FEELM, a leading vaping technology provider, to develop KIWI GO. The product incorporates advanced heating technology through a ceramic coil, a constant power control system, and a transparent e-liquid tank, positioning it as a leader in the vaping industry.

KIWI GO’s cotton-free design enhances e-liquid utilization, flavor, and vapor production while reducing impurities. The product offers over 25% more puffs compared to traditional cotton coil solutions and complies with TPD regulations, offering a generous 2 mL e-liquid capacity. KIWI GO was awarded “Best Disposable” at the Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony and showcases KIWI’s dedication to innovative vaping solutions. The product is available for purchase in Italy, and KIWI plans to expand its presence with additional stores. The collaboration between KIWI and FEELM highlights their commitment to advancing vaping technology and providing superior vaping solutions worldwide.


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