LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

The Chinese e-cigarette brand LAMI announced that it has obtained ten million dollars in the first phase of investment from the Chaos Innovation Fund. This round of financing is funded by the Innovative Investment, and financing platform Qunfengshe as the investment and financing consultant.

It is reported that the funds obtained will be used to continue to deepen the entire industrial chain layout of the upstream e-cigarette supply chain, enhance the integration of scientific research resources, and expand the investment in the research and development system.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

It is understood that the Chaos Innovation Fund is an early investment institution focusing on industrial innovation and industrial Internet. This investment is also its first investment in the health field and the new tobacco harm reduction industry.

Public information shows that LAMI is an e-cigarette brand established in early 2019. Before entering the country, LAMI chose Japan as its first voice channel. This brand cooperated with the Japanese mechanical dance company World Order to shoot a music video together, which received greater attention.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

LAMI is an e-cigarette brand established in early 2019. LAMI vape is invested and controlled by Wuye Shen Group, with co-founder He Chang as its president. He Chang was previously the founder of Huang Taiji.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

LAMI is committed to providing high-quality full-category e-cigarette products to users around the world, and has initially completed the construction of its own supply chain from atomizing liquid production to atomizing equipment production. LAMI e-cigarettes focus on peppermint flavor, and use a compound formula of herbs and other medicinal materials. It is hoped that the essence of natural mint raw materials can be extracted to ensure the taste of mint flavor. Products have been widely recognized for quality in the market.

After the peppermint flavor was launched, several series of flavors were introduced. The fruit series includes eight flavors: original leaf mint, mung bean ice thin, golden voice ice thin, lychee ice thin, green mango ice thin, watermelon ice thin, grape ice thin, and passion fruit; the herbal series includes Yungui smoke rhyme, South American smoke rhyme, Caramel milk tea, cinnamon cola, pre-spring tea, herbal original fragrance 0%, herbal original fragrance 2%, ice storm 8 flavors.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing
Based on the herbal formula e-liquid and the product experience of strengthening the throat, the main taste characteristics of LAMI are: “soft” and “smooth”.


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