Which technology will lead the e-cigarette industry?

With the continuous increase of global tobacco control, new tobacco products have gradually become an important development direction and research and development hotspot of tobacco products because of their significant advantages in reducing the release of harmful components. Among the new types of tobacco that are currently widely recognized in the market are VAPE.


Vape is also known as e-cigarette, and e-cigarette products first appeared in 2004. It is a device that simulates the appearance and sensory experience of traditional cigarettes by technical means without burning tobacco. At present, major multinational tobacco companies have electronic cigarette products. E-cigarettes have become an indispensable trend in the tobacco market. And what are the technologies that look to the future to lead new industry changes?


First, heat not burn technology


Heating non-combustible electronic cigarettes has gradually gained market recognition and is considered to be an important development direction of electronic cigarettes. At present, the brands that are popular among users are: IQOS, PAX, etc.


Second, low temperature ceramic atomization technology


The low temperature ceramic atomizer technology is precisely a combination of low temperature atomization and ceramic atomization. Low-temperature atomization is healthier and safer, and the ceramic medium can perfectly solve the safety hazard of heavy metals exceeding the standard in the early stage of the development of electronic cigarette technology.


Third, saline-alkali technology


The nicotine salt of the macromolecular salt polymer is used as the nicotine medium in the electronic cigarette instead of the conventional “free base” nicotine.


As for the chips, batteries and other technologies that various e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors admire, it does not determine the core development trend of the e-cigarette industry.


The original intention of the invention of electronic cigarettes is to replace traditional tobacco. The cutting-edge innovations of the industry will also focus on improving the quality of smoke emission, making the use of electronic cigarettes closer to traditional tobacco and abandoning the poisonous components of traditional tobacco.


Actually, ALD Group Limited insists on developing new technology application on


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