Lost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable review: taste and endurance experience

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Lost Vap KingZ 8500 puff is a long-lasting disposable vape with good endurance and sweet taste. However, the design looks not good enough.

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When it comes to LOSTVAPE, I can confidently say that I have a positive impression, and Captain Dirty’s reviews have only reinforced this sentiment. Their DNA animal skin series and Ursa Nano Pod Kit both exude a sense of elegance and attention to detail that is hard to find in other brands.

However, their latest release, the KingZ 8500 puff, seems to be pushing the boundaries even further. While some may consider it a bit over-the-top, I am excited to see what it has to offer and eager to take a closer look at its features.

Lost Vape KingZ parameters:

  • Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene, Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • PUFF: 8500
  • Coil: 1.00ohm MESH Coil
  • Type-C charging
  • Features:

Lost Vape KingZ flavor:


Lost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable review

Lost Vape KingZ hands on

I have a lot to say about this type of product, but let me start with the design. Personally, I feel that this device, produced by LOSTVAPE, falls short in terms of design. It lacks the signature design language of the LOSTVAPE family and seems to lack attention to detail, including the choice of materials. The only aspect of the design that I find commendable is the CHANGEABLE POD design, which is not a new concept, but LOSTVAPE has executed it well. With ample battery capacity and Type-C charging, it can easily meet any needs for any occasion.

In terms of flavors, the selection and blending of the eight flavors is done exceptionally well, exhibiting a high-end product feel. While the selection may be limited, the choices made are excellent and can satisfy the majority of consumers’ needs, which is praiseworthy.

As for the experience, the adjustable airflow and airflow system design are well-executed, providing a balanced draw that is neither too loose nor too tight. Overall, I would give it an 80 out of 100 for its draw experience. The taste profile is relatively mild and sweet, with a slight emphasis on sweetness, which may be too much for those who dislike overly sweet flavors.

In conclusion, while there are areas for improvement, LOSTVAPE’s product execution is commendable, especially with the CHANGEABLE POD design and flavor selection. However, for those who prefer less sweet flavors, the KingZ8500puff may not be the best option.

Lost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable review

Lost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable review


After using the KingZ 8500 puff, I must say that the overall battery life, including the internal e-liquid supply, can easily last 1-3 weeks, which is impressive. The usage cycle of the 8500 puff is undoubtedly superior to other manufacturers who offer 4000 puff-6000 puff, and the advantages are apparent. However, from a hygiene standpoint, the lack of a protective cover is regrettable.

Regarding the taste profile, the one that surprised me the most was WHITR VELVET CAKE flavor, which has a consistent saturation of dessert flavors. For those who enjoy sweet desserts, this flavor is an excellent choice. The other fruit composite flavors can be selected based on individual preferences, but generally, the taste is on the sweeter side.

Captain Dirty noticed a decline in flavor profile around 8000 puff, which could be an isolated incident. Overall, I believe the product is satisfactory, and I would give it a passing grade.

Finally, Vape how we roll, all in Truetoy! See you in the next issue.

Where to buy KingZ 8500 Puff @$8.9

Lost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable reviewLost Vape KingZ 8500 puff disposable review

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