Maskking Jam Box disposable vape review

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Maskking has become a symbol of a premium and high-end disposable vape since the model High GTS with high-standard materials applied. And recently Maskking has rolled out a new product name Jam box. Will the Jam box inherit the merits of the former one and continue the legend? Let’s find it out together.

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box brief

The JamBox concept comes from the tasty Jam made from various fresh and delicious fruit.
With vivid colors and refreshing tastes, it provides a unique experience to escape reality and expand your senses.

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box highlights

  1. Fashionable design, comfortable holding feels with aluminum alloy enclosure of vape
  2. Easy to use by draw-activation without button
  3. Open circuit, short circuit and charging reminder
  4. 8 seconds timeout protection function for vaping

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box endurance

1. All while sporting an elegant design with premium materials on the outside, and a large juice tank on the inside providing more than 5000+ hits.
2. Now you can enjoy favorite flavors much longer, Rechargeable battery with Type-C charging port.

Maskking Jam Box specifications/ parameters

Size: 79.9*67.6*24.1 mm

Resistance: 1.1 Ohm

Voltage: 4.2 V

Weight: 69 g

Battery: 600 mAh

Volume/Capaicty: 12 ml

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box flavors

Cool Mint, Mango Passion Fruit, Cranberry Grape, Blue Razz, Melon Coconut, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice, Banan Pineapple Coconut, Black Currant, Cappuccino, Cherry Ice, Grape Pear, Watermelon Raspberry, Strawberry Watermelon, Mixed Berries, Black Mamba, Kiwi Passion Fruit, Cotton Candy, Energy Juice, Grape Paradise, Strawberry Lychee.

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box Advantages

1. Very good and appropriate grip, especially comfortable to hold
2. There are many flavors, as many as 21 flavors, with 2% and 5% nicotine strength to choose from
3. Th taste is excellent. It’s relatively sweet but not greasy, which is not achieved by most other vapes. It is at a very harmonious point due to endless tests before the product is rolled out.
4. The adjustment of the airway is very good, the overall experience is relatively soft and smooth, and there is no condensation

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box downside

The material of the mouthpiece looks not high-end. Improving it will greatly improve the user experience.

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review


JamBox produced by Maskking is a very brilliant disposable vape among so many similar disposables.
This disposable pod with its unique taste and flavors, has reached a relatively leading level in the aspect of vaping experience in this industry.
In the process of long-term vaping with Jam Box, the author Captain Dirty falls in love with it deeply.
As to the best flavor, Captain here strongly recommends MIXED BERRIES.
This is a very good MIXED taste, worthy of being everyone’s daily life vape.
If some soft silicone material is added to the design of the drip tip or mouthpiece,
It will improve the overall experience to next level.
ALL IN TRUETOY. I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Maskking Jam Box disposable vape

Maskking JamBox disposable vape review

Maskking Jam Box design
Maskking Jam Box endurance
Maskking Jam Box taste
Maskking Jam Box flavor
Maskking Jam Box price

JamBox produced by Maskking is a very brilliant disposable vape for its unique and top-notched taste and flavors. Though the mouthpiece might be not so good, the overall vaping experience at the the top level.

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