Maskking High Pro disposable vape review: a good taste disposable for daily vaping

Maskking vape goes viral for its High Pro disposable vape in 2021, and it’s still popular in 2022. One month after the launch of this pod, thousands of vapers keep asking for it day and night on VAPE HK. We’re also curious about why so many people are seeking this ordinary-look disposable so persistently. Therefore, we got this today, and let’s figure it out together.


Maskking High Pro disposable vape brief view

High Pro compared to other plastic disposables, its aluminum alloy shell with silky paint logo is quite dazzling. PCTG mouthpiece, independent e-juice tank, mitou, bottom cover, etc. It has everything that a disposable vape needs. The 650mAh pure Cobalt grade A battery ensures your vape stand to the end of the flavor.

We learned from vape factories that the batteries for disposable vary in many grades. The highest price battery with the same mAh working life is 2 or 3 times the cheapest battery.  According to our test on High Pro, its battery lasts a decent and appropriate time.

maskking high pro vape features

Maskking High Pro disposable vape specifications

E-liquid capacity: 3.5ml
Battery: 650mAh
Resistance: 1.8ohm
Voltage: 3.7V
Weight: 50g

Maskking High Pro disposable vape scent and fragrance

The scent and fragrance are pretty mellow and rich. Take the vape out from the plastic bag, you’ll smell the rich fruit scent immediately without removing the white cover. And the mellow and thick scent lasts for at least 1 day, which is a big difference compared to other disposables.

Maskking High Pro disposable vape taste

The mint flavor is the best taste you must take a try among all flavors of Maskking. It’s refreshing, smooth, pure and clean. It’s awesome and good for daily vaping.

Peach Ice & Banana Ice are the second-best flavors. These two flavors are natural without an artificial smell. And it’s mild without too much sugar and a greasy feeling. They’re perfect.

Mix Berries flavor is a classic flavor that no brand would miss. It’s for vapers whole like sweet stuff, and this one from Maskking makes it just right and inherits the good taste of most classic ones.

As to other flavors, like Mango, Pineapple, Strawlychee, Mango, etc, they are all very awesome flavors, however, the author who was an old smoker for many years doesn’t like those sweet ones.

Juice Rum flavor or Cherry Ice flavor is something that I can hardly tell and describe exactly. Juice Rum tastes not so good compared to other flavors. Maybe it’s due to the lack of experience of drinking rum? And the outside of the Cherry Ice pod is just stinking, which is a total difference compared to other flavors. I guess it’s the fresh paint smell on the pod surface left inside the plastic bag. The strange thing is that taste of Cherry Ice is normal and not bad when vaping. It’s just the problem of the surface of the pod.


Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape Device features a long-lasting 650mAh interior non-rechargeable battery to deliver approximately 1000 puffs duration and extremely fruitful flavor taste satisfaction.

Consists of a portable yet durable chassis that features a hand-feel paint baking machining and an independent interior pod cartridge to ensure a non-leaking vaping situation. What’s more, in conjunction with 5% nicotine concentration, it allows you to immerse into the ultimate nicotine satisfaction world and brings the purest flavor experience.

Overall speaking Maskking High Pro disposable vape is great. Take a try and you’ll find it out.

Last but not least, make sure the Maskking disposable your bought is genuine and original. There is an authentication code undercover on the surface of the packaging box:

Only the authentic ones come with a good experience.

Learn more about Maskking High Pro disposable vape from the Maskking official site here;

Wholesale genuine Maskking High Pro here

Maskking High Pro scent
Maskking High Pro shell design
Maskking High Pro battery endurance
Maskking High Pro package design
Maskking High Pro price
Maskking High Pro Mint flavor
Maskking High Pro Peach Ice flavor
Maskking High Pro Pineapple Lemondade flavor
Maskking High Pro Cherry Ice flavor
Maskking High Pro Apple Champage flavor
Maskking High Pro Banana Ice flavor
Maskking High Pro Mango Ice
Maskking High Pro Strawlychee flavor
Maskking High Pro Juice Rum flavor
Maskking High Pro Mix Berries flavor

Maskking High Pro disposable vape is a convenient and awesome disposable vape at the upper-middle level. The delicate metal shell, pleasant colors and intoxicating taste & fragrance make it competitive on market. Recommended.

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