Mini desktop vape vending machine YOYA review

Today I’m going to give you a review of an electronic cigarette vending machine.

Major brands have turned their attention to the domestic offline market and foreign market business.

For the domestic off-line market of e-cigarettes, the channel of self-service vending machines is also a very good choice, with low threshold, convenient payment, and less complicated management than opening physical stores. Domestic brands such as SnowPlus, MOTI, RELX, FLOW, YOOZ, Wel and other online and offline channels also have self-service vending machines. Today’s e-cigarette vending machine, exquisite box, is really amazing.

YOYA vape vending machine is developed and produced by Guangzhou Zhongke Shiheng Technology Co., Ltd. The company’s founding team has set foot in the field of AI robot, mechanical arm and vr virtual reality industry, and has reached in-depth cooperation with several head brand companies and agents.


YOYA has a strong sense of technology in overall design, which is very attractive. The machine consists of two parts, the upper display platform and the lower base. The vape tube and the base part of the display table can be illuminated, and the luminous color can be customized. The base color is white light (base) + blue light (vape tube).

vape vending maching yoya

There are many details about the design of the exhibition space. A device contains six vape devices. The vape device is designed as a cylinder. The head of the vape pipe is also designed as a smooth hemisphere. With a transparent closed box on the outside, customers can’t pull out the vape pipe. This small detail is very intimate and avoids some problems in operation.

vape vending maching yoya
(the ball structure design at the top of the vape pipe is full of exquisite details)

The whole exhibition space is a transparent design, coupled with dazzling lights, which makes the products look very conspicuous in the entertainment and consumption scenes such as nightclubs, bars, KTV, etc. The vape pipe is also very intuitive, which can really make customers have some curiosity and consumption desire.

vape vending maching yoya vape vending maching yoya

(the product appearance design is very suitable for bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment channels)

Machine size

The machine is 213mm in length, 141mm in width and 196mm in height. This size is specially designed for bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment places. The size is very clever, which can be placed on the card seat of nightclubs, bars, etc. without affecting the placement of drinks, fruit plates, etc. KTV, nightclubs, hotel rooms, rooms are also suitable for placement.

Vape pipe

The vape pipe is inserted and pulled together in two sections, which can be opened by screwing both ends with both hands. The length of the vape pipe is 132mm, the outer diameter is 28mm, and the inner diameter is 23mm. This specification can be put into the disposable vape and pod system device + pods of all models on the market.

vape vending maching yoya vape vending maching yoya

(the size of vape pipe is compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes)

The disposable electronic cigarette products are suggested to be equipped with silica gel cover + plastic packaging (translucent plastic bag is better, and the packaging is also better to indicate the necessary information of the product) and then put in the vape tube, which can ensure the hygiene and compliance of the product, and the transparent packaging can make the product more intuitive and beautiful under the light.

When replenishing, just insert the vape pipe into the corresponding circular card slot. The vape pipe at the bottom of the vape device has a groove type design. After the replenishment, the buckle in the groove is stuck. This design ensures that the product will not fall, and the safety of the product has been improved to a higher level.

Base charging and plug-in port and charging port

The front of the machine base is the luminous brand logo and payment QR code, and the side is the brand phone. These parts are customized according to the needs of the brand.

vape vending maching yoya
(customized brand logo and brand contact number)

There is a charging interface and a USB interface under the base. The USB interface supports emergency charging, which does not need to be paid by customers. This is very creative! The power output of the charging interface is limited. It can charge about 20% of the power of the mobile phone in one hour. While charging, it also makes customers pay attention to the products in the box. This is very good.

vape vending maching yoya
Network module and operation interface

In order to ensure the network stability of the machine, YOYA has selected 4G network module. In bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment places, the signal in the place is relatively poor, 4G module is indeed a more reliable choice.

The customer can enter the product selection list after scanning the wechat code. The product list supports single taste or multi taste product selection, which can be set in the background according to the product demand. The customer selects the product by scanning the code, and the product will pop up automatically after the payment.

vape vending maching yoya
(the interface supports 6 flavors of product selection)

Machine endurance and features

YOYA is equipped with 6000ma battery, with a endurance of about 20 hours. It can run for about 2-3 days according to the operation time of nightclubs and bars.

Compared with the traditional vape vending machines on the market, YOYA has the following advantages:

1. The appearance of the machine is cool, the display of the vape body is intuitive, and the lighting effect is very suitable for the entertainment channel

2. Long enough time to link with consumers (the device is on the card seat and has more than 2 hours of link time with consumers)

3. Fully tap the retail capacity of the place. A place can be equipped with dozens of units, which can be seen by customers who consume in the place

4. No need to plug in the cable, flexible movement, flexible adjustment of placement position according to actual sales volume

5. The network is stable, the operation is guaranteed, and multi-party distribution is supported (brands, agents, site owners and employees, etc.)

6. It is applicable to a wide range of scenes. The channels of bars, nightclubs, KTV and nightclubs, such as rooms and hotels, are very suitable

Of course, the most important advantage must be the great sales.

vape vending maching yoya
According to the person in charge, the traditional vape vending machine usually only has 1-2 sets in each place. The machine identification is relatively weak, and the link time with customers is also relatively short. Only customers can notice when waiting and paying. It’s very good that 1-3 machines can sell steadily every day. In view of its special product appearance and display mode, and in cooperation with the site marketing personnel, the products in the machine can easily be sold out on the same day. We assume that a bar shop puts 30 sets of this machines, a machine sell 4-6 vapes, this profit is really very huge!

In terms of operation, considering the large number of machines, it is recommended that agents or site personnel arrange special personnel to operate and maintain them separately. If the sales machine is good, the operation can also play more tricks to increase sales.


YOYA vape vending machine sales phone/Wechat number: 13822215542


Great vending machine for bars and shops.

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