MOTI to launch $2 pod vape device MOIT GO

It was recently learned that the head brand of vapes, MOTI, is about to release the ultra-low-priced pod device in history, and the retail price is only 8.8 yuan (about 2 USD).

8.8 yuan, which has undoubtedly penetrated the market’s lowest price line, which is better than the 9.9 yuan Mini pod vape released by YOOZ last year. It’s a MOTI’s a gimmick or a sincere move depends on whether this low-cost entry-level product is good enough.

This pod vape device is named MOTI GO, and the basic parameters are shown below:

Shell material: metal shell
Surface technology: anodizing
Charging method: TYPE-C interface
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Output power: 7W

From this point of view, MOTI GO uses anodizing technology, a metal shell, and a large 400mAh battery. It has long battery life. It is the flagship parameter of many mainstream vape products.

Related information also revealed that MOTI united with a number of leading China chip companies to jointly develop atomization control components, using China 180-nanometer-level process semiconductors to customize core technology for this MOTI GO. This parameter is really luxurious.

In terms of pods, MOTI GO is still equipped with the industry’s top FEELM atomizer core, which highly reduces the various components of the e-liquid and provides protection for the ultimate taste.

In terms of color matching, MOTI GO first released four classic colors, including the spring light, the quiet deep sea, the quiet nebula, and the quiet night. The value and quality of the color are all fascinating.

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