MR FOG vape cooperates with Shenzhen police to fight counterfeiting

Recently, MR FOG, a vape brand in the United States, announced the results of an anti-counterfeiting operation in China conducted in conjunction with Shenzhen police.

Before the operation, the police and the MR FOG brand had a large number of clues through e-commerce channels and supply chain channels. After receiving the exact on-site production information of the whistleblower, they immediately launched Operation Thunder.

A large number of semi-finished and finished products bearing the MR FOG brand trademark were seized in this operation. A large number of product packaging and e-liquids to be used were also stored in the warehouse, and the amount involved was huge.

MR FOG vape cooperates with Shenzhen police to fight counterfeiting

It is reported that MR FOG has a large number of loyal fans in the United States in just two years with its unique flavors, strict product quality control, and keen insight into market trends. With the increasing influence of the brand, China counterfeit bases have begun to rush to imitate the brand’s products in an attempt to make fake products.

Due to the lack of the production environment and quality control system of the counterfeit factories, the quality of fake products is not guaranteed, the overall production environment is dirty, chaotic, and poor, and the sanitary conditions are unsightly, which poses a great threat to the physical and mental health of consumers.

MR FOG vape cooperates with Shenzhen police to fight counterfeiting

According to reports, all persons involved in the case have been arrested by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau and are awaiting subsequent sentencing.

The MR FOG brand stated that e-cigarettes are products that need to be ingested into the human body. Fake products damage not only the reputation of the brand company, but more importantly, they threaten the personal safety of end consumers; fakes made in China contaminate the fame of made-in-China products. As long as the fake products do not disappear for a day, the company’s investment in anti-counterfeiting will be unlimited, and the anti-counterfeiting action will never end.


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oliver marton
3 years ago

 fakes made in China contaminate the fame of made in china products?

3 years ago
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