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The New Zealand Vape Advisory Board is Expected to Become the Largest Vape Alliance

The CECMOL team traveled to New Zealand to conduct strategic cooperation with various regions and established the New Zealand Vape Advisory Committee. At present, the areas that have been cooperating, including Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton, have signed agreements with them. Members of the committee include well-known local distributors, wholesalers, distributors, brands and world organizations.

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Electronic Cigarette Technical Expert Advisory Group

The New Zealand Vape Advisory Board is expected to become the largest e-cigarette alliance in New Zealand. On the one hand, it will help raise the acceptance of vapes by New Zealanders and get rid of the dangers of traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, it will add a new force to the e-cigarette market and provide e-cigarette companies with market information and consumption habits of the e-cigarette industry in New Zealand, so that the channels for publicity and promotion will be more abundant and it will promote the development of the e-cigarette industry.

New Zealand is a highly developed capitalist country. The World Bank ranks New Zealand as one of the most convenient countries in the world, and its economy has successfully transformed from an agricultural-based to an internationally competitive industrialized free market economy.

As is known to all, in 1990, the New Zealand government implemented a “smoke-free bill” in order to achieve a “smoke-free” environment in 2025. E-cigarettes are included, which could not be legally promoted and sold in the market, and could only be placed in opaque counters.

On December 1-2, 2018, the Oceania International E-cigarette Exhibition will be held at the ASB Exhibition Square in Auckland, New Zealand. Not long ago, in June of this year, the New Zealand Government Ministry of Health officially announced on its official website that e-cigarettes are fully legal (including nicotine vape juice and heated non-combustible products) E-cigarettes can be sold legally in the New Zealand market, hoping to save many lives lost in smoking-related diseases and meet the government’s goal of a total ban on smoking by 2025. Driven by factors such as policy support and market positives, the future of New Zealand’s e-cigarettes market is inestimable.


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